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Revise Biochemistry for your FMGE 2023 with Kings

Revise Biochemistry for your FMGE 2023 with Kings

Kings International Medical Academy has established itself as a premier coaching centre for FMGE, consistently delivering remarkable results. Our exceptional achievements in FMGE reflect our unwavering commitment to excellence. It is our privilege to have Dr. V.S. Kumar, a highly esteemed faculty member, deliver a captivating lecture on Biochemistry at Kings International Medical Academy. Today, let’s explore the intriguing subject of “De novo fatty acid synthesis.”


Step 1- Transport of “2c” unit

Step 2- Canboxylation of Acetyl CoA → Malonyl CoA

Step 3- Action of FA Synthase & Elongation of chain


Aerobic glycolysis (PDH complex)

-Fatty acid oxidation in Mitochondria

Step 1:

Step 2:

Acetyl-CoA → Malonyl CoA

Acetyl-CoA Carboxylase


B-Biotin (B7) – Cofactor

C- CO₂

Step 3:


FA Synthase Complex

1) Ketoacyl synthase

2) Ketoacyl reductase

3)  Enoyl reductase

4) Hydrafase

5) Malonyl-acetyl Acetyl transferase

6) Thioesterase (deacylase)

FA-synthase – lactating mammary gland

→10 C- Capric acid   12 C- Lauric acid


6 types

Major principle- B-oxidation

  • M.c. type
  • Organelle- mitochondria
  • Organs- liver, A.tissue & muscle

3 types:

    Step 1 – Activation of FA

    Step 2 – Transport of activated FA into Mitochondria

    Step 3 – B-OX reactions

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