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Clear your doubts on Biochemistry with Kings FMGE coaching classes

Clear your doubts on Biochemistry with Kings FMGE coaching classes

Attention Foreign Medical Graduates! If you’re aiming to excel in the upcoming FMG exam within a tight timeframe of 2 months, don’t fret! We’ve got you covered. With our expert guidance at Kings FMGE Coaching, you can confidently ace the FMGE in just two months. In this blog post, we will delve into the subject of Biochemistry, specifically focusing on the topic of “Proteins,” as taught by our esteemed faculty member, Dr. V.S. Kumar.






Minimum solubility in H₂O


Example: Collagen, Elastin, Keratin



Spherical in shape

Soluble in H₂O

Dynamic function

Example: Globulin, Albumin

Conjugated proteins:

Glycoproteins- Pro + Carb – TSH, FSH, LH

Metalloproteins- Pro + metal ion       – Tyrosinase

                                                             – Carbonic Anhydrate

Neucleoproteins- Pro + N.Acid – Histones

Primary structure:

(Will never undergo dentuvation)

Relationship betwenn AA held together

Bond: Peptide bonds (Covalent bond)

Tech: Edman’s degradation

Sanger tech

→ Sanger Reagent – 1 – Fluoro- 2, -4- Dinitro Benzene

Mass spectrometry

2° structure:

Relationship between AA® C are about 3-4 AA Apart

Bond: H-bonds (non- Covalent)

(+) Electrostatic, Hydrophotic & Van Der Waals force

Tech: Circular dichromism

Optical rotatory dispersion chromatography


Alpha Helix





Super 2° structure:

Relationship between 2-2° structures

Combination of 2° structures


Helix-turn – Helix motif

Leuzin zipper- DNA binding motifs

Zinc zipper – DNA binding motifs

β-α-β motif

Tech: X-ray crystallography

NMR Spectroscopy

3° structure:

Relationship between AA lying at a distance

Bonds: Disulfide bonds

Hydrophobic, ionic interactions

4° structure:

Relationship between AA lying in different polypeptide chain

Bonds: H, Hydrophobic, Electrostatic, Van Der Waals force

Tech: Protein-Protein docking method

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