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Know the Country Before You Fly

Officially known as the Republic of the Philippines, the Philippines is a Southeast Asian country housing close to 109 million people as of 2020. Besides natives, the inhabitants are from diverse cultures and ethnicities, thereby, making it a multinational country.

With Manila as the capital city, it is an active member of World Trade Organization, United Nations, ASEAN, East Asia Summit, Association of Southeast Asian Nations and others. Its economy is a newly industrialized one, gradually shifting to manufacturing and service sectors from agriculture.

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Some Advantages of Philippines

1. Tropic climate similar to that of India
2. Same disease pattern
3. Ample places to enjoy delicious Indian cuisine
4. Company of many other Indian students makes it enjoyable
5. Affordable cost of living
6. Situates at a strategic location and proximity to India
7. Has a liberalized economy
8. Government is highly supportive of education
9. Safe country

One of the major advantages to know about Philippines is that students from India need not learn any other foreign language to communicate with the locals or professors. English is predominantly spoken across the nation after Filipino.

Fun Facts about Philippines –
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Other Attractions to Make Life Happening

One of the world’s largest archipelagos with 7641 islands, this country offers abundant opportunities to live life to the fullest. Some of the popular attractions of Philippines include:

Philippines boasts a rich biodiversity with a dynamic topography containing dense forests, mountainous terrains, coastal areas and plains. With bustling cities, beautiful beaches and numerous other attractions, it feels like a home away from home on this foreign land.

Significance of Education in Philippines

Education is held high in Philippines which boasts several renowned private and public education institutes. The country’s medical institutes follow American Education System, which not only is acceptable worldwide but also leaves a greater impact on logical learning. The curriculum provides equal weightage on theoretical and practical learning.

Students from various foreign countries, including India, pursue their MBBS degrees from universities having international accreditations. They can afford premium quality education at comparatively lower prices. Scholars also get widespread exposure with global faculty at some of the top-ranked institutes. Davao Medical School Foundation is undoubtedly one of them.

After the native, English is the mostly spoken language which reduces any kind of communication barrier for foreign students. Apart from education, Philippines has an excellent environment that promotes cultural progress and development in students. Filipinos are known for their friendly, straightforward and hospitable nature. Additionally, the cost of living is quite low, making it affordable especially for students from middle-class backgrounds.

To study medical studies, Philippines will ensure the ideal combination of environment, technology and financial support. Currently, 1 out of 10 doctors practicing in leading hospitals globally are medical graduates from Philippines.

Kings International Medical Academy in association with Davao Medical School Foundation can pave the path for your medical education in Philippines. Avail the hostel facilities at the sprawling campus, relish Indian cuisines at the college canteen or at restaurants outside and study dedicatedly amid a culturally vibrant environment. Join and acquire an international MBBS degree with us from Philippines.



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