Our Assistance

We Are Delighted to Assist You, Anytime

At Kings International Medical Academy, convenience of students is highly prioritized to make their dreams come true and their journey smoother. We, therefore, offer complete assistance for visa, tickets, bookings and more.

1. Free Counseling for the Right Career

Often, choices like general medicine or dentistry, etc. put students in a dilemma. Our experienced team of counsellors assist them in recognizing their career goals and make appropriate decisions through evaluation.

This is done through free counselling sessions where one-on-one interactions with both parents and students are conducted to understand their goals precisely. The counsellors also convey vital information regarding foreign institutes, benefits of MBBS in Philippines, educational programs, study topics, etc.

2. Visa Assistance

Visa is an important part of the admission process. Kings International Medical Academy in association with Davao Medical School Foundation provides visa assistances to medical students travelling to Philippines. We guide them with information regarding ideal time of visa application, type of visa, documents required to submit, extension and other related services. Most importantly, we assist the qualified candidates in visa application process.

3. Assistance with Documentation

When you travel to Philippines for medical education, a long list of documents is required for verification purpose and visa approval. Our team shall guide you with the paperwork so that you get through effortlessly.

Some of the documents needed to submit include:

  • Visa application form
  • Passport
  • Medical certificate
  • Notice of Acceptance
  • Personal History Statement’s certified true copy
  • Police clearance certificate
  • Certificate of birth,
  • Photographs, etc.

Note that most of these documents need to be verified and authenticated by Embassy of the Philippines.

4. Currency Exchange

Our assistance team also helps medicos in getting currency exchange at the best possible rates. They guide them to avail a travel card using which students can transact in the foreign land, make cash and online payments conveniently.

5. Travel assistance

Although Philippines is an extremely welcoming country with all essential amenities available, travelling to the foreign land requires some basic preparation. Here, we strive to make your journey special in every possible way. We shall help you with ticket bookings and food arrangements. Our experts shall also guide you with the following:

  • Things necessary to carry such medicines, prescriptions, types of clothes, toiletries, local currency, accessories, etc.
  • Rules and regulations mandatory to follow in Philippines
  • Availability of various goods and services
  • Mode of transportation within the country and more

Do not worry as our emergence assistance services will be available to you 24×7.

6. Post departure assistance

Our job doesn’t end after students fly off to Philippines. Once they reach, Davao Medical School Foundation organizes an orientation course where students are acquainted with the life and rules within the medical college’s campus. This helps them know the facilities available for them and utilize the same whenever needed. They also have to undergo documentation process following which they can start their MBBS journey. Kings International Medical Academy in association with Davao Medical School Foundation shall assist you settle down smooth with the help of our campus coordinators there.

Being one of the reliable medical institutes in India, Kings International Medical Academy understands your anxiety about travelling to a different country, away from home. We’ll make sure you feel comfortable and relaxed during this shift without any problem.


Are you ready to take the next step toward your future career?