Why Philippines?

Leaving All Other Options Behind, Here’s why!

“Of the so many countries like USA, UK, Canada and others, why should I choose Philippines for my medical degree?” – Is that what you are wondering?

Well, Philippines has emerged as one of the most preferred destinations for medical students, especially from India. It is among the top Asian countries to bring the finest education system at attractively low prices. Apart from this, the country offers some remarkable reasons to be favoured as the best option. Here you go…

Your Answers to ‘Why Philippines’!

For Indian students, the tropical climate of Philippines would surely remind them of their home country. The usually hot and humid weather is quite easily adaptable for foreign students.

When a student travels overseas for pursuing education, a major concern remains regarding the residing country’s disease pattern. In case of Philippines, Indian students would be able to easily identify the common diseases and get the right treatment in time as disease patterns of the two countries are quite similar.

Do you know Philippines is the 3rd largest English speaking nation in the world? Hence, language will never be an issue in this foreign country. With a literacy rate of 97%, Philippines offers a multicultural learning atmosphere with no limitation to explore diverse ethnicities. Students can access extensive knowledge resources owing to the ease of communication.

Yes! It is here that students can find the world’s best medical colleges to study in. Besides following the American education system, almost all the institutes here possess international accreditation. Hence, MBBS degrees from Philippines have approval of MCI and WHO and are accepted across the globe.

Medical institutes in Philippines follow the US system of education which largely helps the medicos in clearing the USMLE successfully. Hence, Indian students willing to take residency programs in the United States can consider this as their gateway.

Do you know, 1 out of 10 medical practitioners currently in the USA are medical graduates from Philippines? Also, the maximum number of medical graduates exported to the world are from Philippines.

In a foreign land, one of the major things a student misses is their local cuisine and home cooked food. Philippines, being a prominent destination for medical students, offers ample options to savour Indian cuisines. The canteens within campuses offer Indian food – both veg and non-veg. Also, several tiffin services and restaurants are available in the city and around universities. Albeit the taste might not be similar, but you won’t miss home much!

Philippines is reputed for offering affordable medical education to foreign students. Hence, medicos in India coming from middle-class backgrounds can easily pursue MBBS course in this archipelagic country. Not only education, but also the cost of living, food, accommodation, travel, etc. are much less compared to the western nations.

Almost, 20,000+ medical students are presently studying medicine in Philippines.

What’s more advantageous is that no donation or capitation fees is required to get enrolled in institutes like Davao Medical School Foundation. Hence, the overall expense is reduced almost by half.

Indian medical graduates from Philippines can also practice in their home country. However, they have to clear one of the toughest examinations in India, the FMGE. Do not worry as Kings International Medical Academy in association with Davao Medical School Foundation offers extensive coaching program for this MCI screening test. We have secured the highest passing percentage in FMGE results for several consecutive years. In December 2021, we secured a pass percentage of 91%+.

Filipinos are always with a charming smile on their faces. They are extremely welcoming, friendly and hospitable. It provides a great sense of security and safety to Indian students there. If you study medicine in Philippines, the locals with provide you with all types of assistances they can.

Above all these, a lot of Indian medicos are already studying in Davao Medical School Foundation in Philippines. You won’t face any problem in making friends and feel homey.

So far, foreign students having studied in Philippines have witnessed unparalleled opportunities after acquiring their degrees successfully. If you aspire to become a competent doctor in the future, it is important to enrol at a top medical institute. Join Kings International Medical Academy, who in association with the globally renowned Davao Medical School Foundation, to complete your medical studies in the most preferred Philippines. We also provide top-quality NEET coaching to help you secure an MBBS seat in the best medical college in India or abroad.


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