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Got a low mark in NEET? Fulfil your dream by studying MBBS abroad!!!

The NEET (National Eligibility cum Entrance Test) is a highly competitive medical entrance examination in India, required for admission to undergraduate medical (MBBS) and dental (BDS) courses at various government and private colleges across the country. It assesses students’ knowledge in subjects like physics, chemistry, and biology and is considered challenging due to its comprehensive syllabus, intense competition, and the limited number of available seats. Success in the NEET exam requires thorough preparation and a strong understanding of the subjects, making it a demanding test for aspiring medical and dental students.

If you’re a medical aspirant who scored lower than expected in the challenging NEET 2023 exam, there’s no need for undue concern. You still have the option to pursue an MBBS abroad. Meeting the minimum passing score requirement in the NEET exam is essential, as per the guidelines of the National Medical Commission (NMC), to ensure your eligibility for practicing medicine in India after completing your MBBS abroad. This means that you can now focus on realising your dream without the anxiety of having to retake the NEET exam.

The Cost-Effectiveness of Pursuing MBBS Abroad

Studying medicine has long been a cherished dream for many aspiring students. In recent times, an increasing number of students have discovered the benefits of pursuing an MBBS abroad as a cost-effective alternative to studying in India.

Studying MBBS abroad often presents an enticing proposition in terms of affordability. Many countries offer comprehensive medical programs with tuition fees that are notably lower than those of Indian medical colleges. And there won’t be any donation or capitation fees in some countries either. Moreover, the overall cost of living, including accommodation, food, and other essentials, can also be comparatively reasonable in certain international study destinations.

In addition to the financial advantage, studying MBBS abroad provides students with exposure to diverse cultures, medical practices, and healthcare systems. This international exposure contributes to a well-rounded education, preparing students to become adaptable and globally competent medical professionals.

However, it’s essential to approach this decision with thorough research and due diligence. Factors such as the recognition of the medical degree in India, the accreditation of the institution, the language of instruction, and the eligibility criteria for medical licensing exams must all be considered.

Remember that the cost-effectiveness of studying MBBS abroad can vary based on the country, university, and individual circumstances. It’s crucial to carefully research and compare different options before making a decision. 

Kings International Medical Academy (KIMA)

If you find yourself grappling with questions about where to inquire, which educational institution to join, and which country to pursue your MBBS studies in, rest assured that there’s a solution at hand. Kings International Medical Academy (KIMA) is here to guide and support you on your journey towards studying MBBS abroad.

KIMA is an established and trusted platform that specialises in assisting students in their pursuit of medical education overseas. With a track record of aiding more than 8,000 students, KIMA has garnered a reputation for its commitment to providing comprehensive guidance and expert assistance throughout the entire process.

When you approach KIMA, you’re tapping into a wealth of knowledge and experience. The academy’s team is well-versed in the nuances of international medical education, making them adept at addressing your queries and concerns. They understand the unique challenges and opportunities that students face when considering MBBS programs abroad.

One of the standout features of KIMA is its personalised approach. Recognising that each student’s aspirations and circumstances are distinct, KIMA tailors its guidance to suit your individual needs. From helping you get admission to assisting with the application process and beyond, KIMA ensures that you’re well-informed and empowered to make informed decisions about your educational journey.

How does KIMA assist you?

Kings International Medical Academy (KIMA) places a high priority on ensuring the convenience of students to make their journey towards achieving their dreams smoother. As a result, Kings provides comprehensive support for visa applications, ticket bookings, and other related arrangements. The assistance includes:

  • Free counselling for the right career
  • Admission guidance
  • Visa assistance
  • Assistance with documentation
  • Currency exchange
  • Travel assistance
  • Post departure assistance

The ideal destination for MBBS in Philippines

You’ve probably noticed the rising popularity of pursuing MBBS in Philippines. We take pride in being the trailblazers who established the Philippines as the prime choice for studying medicine abroad. As mentioned, we’ve successfully facilitated over 8,000 students in their journey to study MBBS in Philippines. Among the excellent options, the Davao Medical School Foundation (DMSF) stands out as the top pick. Renowned for its combination of quality education and affordability in the medical field, DMSF was meticulously chosen by KIMA as the perfect institution for aspiring medical professionals.

Let’s learn about DMSF

The Davao Medical School Foundation (DMSF) stands as a reliable and advantageous choice for Indian students seeking a medical education abroad. The hurdles associated with MBBS admissions in India, including NEET exam cut-off marks, high fees, and donations, have motivated many students to explore overseas options. Notably, DMSF offers an inviting prospect as it requires only the NEET exam qualification and a 50% score in PCB subjects, thereby eliminating concerns about meeting specific NEET cut-off marks.

Studying abroad can be an intimidating venture, with differences in cuisine, climate, and culture. However, the Philippines emerges as a comfortable destination that provides a sense of belonging, with DMSF being a standout institution for MBBS abroad. This choice is backed by a multitude of reasons that make DMSF an ideal destination for pursuing MBBS in Philippines:

1. English-Medium Education: One of the best things about studying MBBS in Philippines is the medium of instruction. Institutions in the Philippines, as well as DMSF, conduct their courses in English, enabling Indian students to seamlessly engage with the curriculum and communicate effectively.

2. Globally Recognised Curriculum: The curriculum is internationally recognised, aligning students with global medical standards.

3. American Influence on the Education System: DMSF’s educational framework is influenced by American standards, enhancing the quality of teaching and learning.

4. High-Quality and Low-Cost: DMSF offers a high standard of education at a cost that is comparatively affordable, alleviating financial burdens.

5. No Donation or Capitation Fee: Unlike the donation-heavy Indian MBBS landscape, DMSF eliminates the need for additional donations or capitation fees.

6. High Pass-Percentage in FMGE & PLE Results: DMSF graduates achieve commendable success rates in the FMGE and PLE exams, further solidifying their academic credibility.

7. Internationally Accredited Medical School: DMSF’s accreditation ensures that the education provided adheres to global medical education standards.

8. Wide Range of Clinical Exposure: The institution offers ample clinical exposure, equipping students with practical skills and experiences.

9. Excellent Accommodation Facilities: DMSF provides comfortable accommodation options that contribute to a conducive learning environment.

10. Good Safety Record: The Philippines, known for its hospitality and safety, offers a secure atmosphere for international students.

In essence, as the landscape of medical education continues to evolve, the Davao Medical School Foundation (DMSF) emerges as a compelling solution for Indian students aspiring to study MBBS abroad. The challenges posed by stringent NEET cut-offs, high fees, and donations in India are met with a refreshing alternative in DMSF. With its student-friendly admission requirements, English-medium instruction, globally recognised curriculum, and favourable student outcomes, DMSF presents a solid platform for pursuing medical education of high quality and value. The institution’s commitment to offering a comprehensive yet affordable educational experience, coupled with the comforts of studying MBBS in Philippines, positions DMSF as a beacon of opportunity and growth for those seeking a promising future in the medical field. If you want assistance, call us at 1800 833 7707, and we will clarify all your doubts regarding MBBS abroad.

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