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Sign up for the ongoing Dermatology course at Kings for FMGE 2023

Sign up for the ongoing Dermatology course at Kings for FMGE 2023

        Kings International Medical Academy is presently offering comprehensive FMGE coaching classes, placing special emphasis on dermatology as the exam date draws near. Dr. Akhilesh, a highly respected member of the faculty, is currently conducting lessons on the fascinating topic of Skin Appendages. Let’s explore this subject in-depth and enhance our understanding today.

                                                                                     Skin Appendages

Hair – Trichology

Scalp hair – 0.4mm/day

Alopecia Universalis- no hair – body

Totalis- no hair – scalp

Ophiasis – peripheral hair loss

Sisaipho- central hair loss


Anagen → catagen → Telogen

85%     → 1.2%           → 8.9%

3y (3.6y)   310 k         3m


Duct – epidermis

Sebaceous gland:

Duct → hair follicle

Pilo-sabaceous unit → acne-vulgaris

Skin lesions – 1° (primary)

                        2° (secondary)

  1. a) Crust
  2. b) St. Corneum

Layer → Scale → Ps

Groove → Burrow → Scabies

Thickening → Lichenification → Ch. Dermatitis



1) Acanthosio → Thickening of spinosym

2) Hyperkeratosis → Hyperplasia of Keratinocyte

3) Para-Keratosis → Present of Nuclei

4) Dyskeratosis (Darrier disease) → Defective keratinisation

5) Hypogranulosis, Hyper-granulosis

6) Epidermal- edema


        1) Intra-cellular → Acute Eczema, Hespes

        2) Inter-cellular → Spongiosis, Spinosum

7) Mycosis → Pautrier abscess

    aka ↓

    Cutaneous T-cell-lymphoma

    P50 → Corneum

8) Acantholysis

Separation of spinosum

       – Auto-immune

       – Vesico-bullous disease

Tzanck Smear → MNGC

                        → Multi-nucleated giant cells

                        → Syncytism

                        → Herpes, chicken-pox

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