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Learn Biochemistry for FMGE 2023 with Kings

Learn Biochemistry for FMGE 2023 with Kings

        Kings International Medical Academy is well-known as a premier FMGE coaching centre with a track record of remarkable results. Our exceptional successes in FMGE are undeniable proof of our superiority. We are privileged to have Dr. V.S. Kumar, a highly regarded faculty member, offer an exciting lecture on Biochemistry at Kings International Medical Academy. Let’s discuss the topic of “Classification of Fatty Acids” today.

                                                                Classification of Fatty Acids

Aliphatic Carboxylic Acids

Depending upon chain length:

C₂-C₆ – Short chain fatty acid

C₈-C₁₄ – Medium chain fatty acid

≥C₁₆ – Long chain fatty acid

Based upon double bond:

Saturated FA: No double bond

Unsaturated FA: Present (double bond)

MUFA = one “=”

PUFA= ˃ one “=”


Linolenic acid

x-Linolenic Acid

arachidonic – Semi essential FA

Linoleic → AA

Functions:       ↓Risk of CAD

                        ↓ Risk of Fatty Liver

                         – of EFA → Fatty liver, ↓ in Fibronolytic activity, Acanthosis of skin, ↓ in oxi. Phosphorylation

Saponification number: Hydrolysis of TAG into glycerol & soap → by Alkali


The mg of KOH req. to Saphonify 1gm of fat/oil completely


Inversely proportion to the length of chain of FA in the fat

Human fat: 195-200

Butter: 230-240

Coconut oil: 250-260

Oral drug: Miglustat

Lipo proteins


  1. TG – Chylomicrons, VLDL
  2. Chol- LDL, HDL

Apo- Proteins:

APO-A → A₁              A₁₁       Aᵥ

APO-B  B₄₈              B₁₀₀

Synthesis of TAG – Liver & Adippose tissue

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