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Kings International Medical Academy in association with My G Planet together came up with the idea of “Kootanchoru” program. Dr. David K.Pillai, the chairman of KIMA puts so much effort into creating this useful program. Food is an essential ingredient for human survival. In some rural areas, poor people are suffering and they are struggling for their survival everyday. Being compassionate is one of the best traits in human nature. We should be benevolent and we should help the  people in need. 

KIMA seeds these thoughts and qualities into the minds of younger generations and helps them to make them a better human. We guide them to walk in the path of goodness. The main ideology of education is to shape the minds of youth and teach them how to empathise. We take this ideology sincerely and we take responsibility for educating our students in a perfect way.

My G Planet is an NGO which helps people who are in need. Their principle philosophy  is that there is nothing else in the world that can bring people together more than food. They initiate people to donate food to the one who is in need. They are doing this invaluable deed ceaselessly and they deserve a lot of appreciation.

KIMA and My G Planet are together in this journey of making the world better. In this program, we select a village which has poor basic amenities and help them. Our students happily mingle together with the villagers and cook with them. We make their stomachs full which makes us feel full and content.  They sing and merrily dance with the villagers and bring out the joy in them. 

We went to Salur village located in Chengalpet district . This village has a very beautiful view and is filled with greenery. Seeing those lush green scenery, it definitely eased up the hearts and minds  of our students and they felt relaxed. This program not only helps the people but it makes our students’ minds stress-free. They cook food, serve it to them and eat with them.

Kings International Medical Academy taking this precious initiative once in a month regularly by going to different villages every time and we are so proud about it. This one day of the month is such an unforgettable experience in the minds of both the people and our students.


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