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Attend FMGE 2023 Dermatology classes by
Dr. Akhilesh at Kings

        Join us today at Kings International Medical Academy for our comprehensive FMGE coaching classes, where we prioritize dermatology classes as the exam date approaches. Dr. Akhilesh, our renowned faculty member, is currently leading engaging sessions on the intriguing topic of Skin Examination Technique. Take this opportunity to delve deep into the subject and enrich your understanding. Don’t miss out!

                                                                Skin Examination Technique

Glass-slide – Duascopy


1) Auspitz sign – Ps



2) Dermatographism – Urticaria

Blunt object – Itchy, red

White- rub → White line seen

Darrier sign:

Blunt object → Erthema, Edema, Vesicle

3) Koebner-Phenomenon

Aka Isomorphic phenomenon

Trauma → same- Morphology lesion – seen

Little – LP

Plaw – Ps

KAN- Kaposi- Sarcoma

Make- Molluscum contagiosum

Win – wart

Very- Vitiligo

Descent – DLE

4) Nikolsky sign

Peeled-off epidermis

5) Pseodo Nikolsky Sign

Ten- toxic epidermal Necrolypis

SJS- Steven Johnson syndrome

6) Bulla spread sign

Tangenial → blister → spreading


A) 320-400nm → Phototherapy

B) 280-320nm → sun-light

C) 250-280nm → m. danger


USE → Photo-Therapy

→ Narrow band


REGIME – Gockerman R

              – INGRAM R

Wood-lamp examination → 360nm

→ Normal skin

→ Filter

Pityriosis- Versicolor → Apple-green / yellow

Erythrarasma – coral-red

Vitiligo – white

Tena – Tenia captis – green/yellow

Porphyria- pink

Ash-leaf macule – white-blue

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