Training Methods

At Kings International Medial Academy, we adopt strategic approaches and out-of-the-box training methods for medical studies.

Training for NEET

Students enrolled for the NEET coaching are introduced to the concept of medicine and detailed on its various subjects. They receive guidance according the latest NEET syllabus and question patterns for the upcoming examination.

Every year augments the competition for medical seats, be it in India or abroad. Hence, aspirants need strategy to qualify for their MBBS study. Throughout the preparatory period, our expert faculty at Kings International Medical Academy (KIMA) shares amazing tips and tricks that help students crack the highly competitive entrance exam in their initial attempts.Mentors share study planners, follow rigorous assessment schedules and conduct exhaustive revisions during the NEET coaching. Eventually, they learn excellent time management skills. We stress more on Physics, Chemistry and Biology which account for the major part in the syllabus.

At Kings International Medical Academy, students are provided with extensive study material for quality preparation. Not only academic lessons, but they also follow interviews of toppers and NEET professors to gain additional knowledge. Furthermore, we conduct one-on-one interactive sessions to understand the problems of students individually and help strengthen their weaker areas from the core.

With comprehensive preparation, the majority of our students come out with flying colours in NEET.

Training for FMGE

FMGE is a mandatory exam that qualifies an Indian student with an international medical degree to practice in his or her home country.Truth be told, it is one of the toughest examinations in the country, whose level of complexity is only increasing considerably. Hence,despite having excellent medical education so far, a student needs additional preparation for an increased level of intensity.

Kings International Medical Academy (KIMA) offers top-notch FMGE coaching following calculated training methods. To being with, we stress on mastering the entire syllabus instead of taking short cuts. That’s how to prepare for MCI FMGE screening test expansively. As professors conduct lectures and practical sessions, the habit of taking notes will serve as quick reference during revisions.

In the process, our students are made to attempt a large variety of MCQs. The practice increases not only your knowledge but also accuracy, speed and time management skills.Well, we do conduct periodic revisions consistently so that no extra effort is required before the exam.

What’s more?

Unlike the usual training method, we begin with the uninteresting and toughest medical topics and then move on to the easier ones. This helps us understand a student’s weaker areas and solve problems accordingly. The reason why Kings International Medical Academy is one of the top medical institutes in India is our series of mock tests by expert panel. It exposes every medical aspirant to a host of questions, new perspectives and the perfect pattern of the real exam.


Do you know, Kings International Medical Academy (KIMA) ranks the chart for outstanding FMGE results almost every year? Our pass percentage in FMGE December 2021 was above 91%.

Training for MBBS

Being closely associated with one of the premier medical institutions in Philippines, Davao Medical School Foundation (DMSF), Kings International Medical Academy mentors the young aspirants to get enrolled for MBBS successfully. We train them with modern technology and facilities. The approach we take is a strategic balance of experiential and chalk talk learning for medical students.

Our experienced faculty conducts both online and live classes for lectures, assignment solving, aptitude tests and more. As a result, the most eligible candidates avail the opportunity to pursue MBBS in Philippines.

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