Why FMGE Is Tough to Crack?

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Why FMGE Is Tough to Crack?

THE FOREIGN Medical Graduates Examination (FMGE) is a national-level exam conducted by the National Board of Examinations (NBE). FMGE is a mandatory licensure test for graduates who received their medical degree outside of India and wish to practice medicine in the country. The syllabus of this test covers everything they learned during their undergraduate medical education. The exam also covers topics from the MBBS course, including pre-medical, para-clinical, and clinical material. The FMGE is held twice a year. In this article, Dr. David K. Pillai explains why FMGE is tough for most foreign medical graduates despite possessing an excellent academic degree.

 As we all know, Dr. David K. Pillai is the chairman of Kings International Medical Academy (KIMA).  He has 15 years of proficiency in handling foreign medical graduates. KIMA, in association with DMSF, also offers MBBS in the Philippines, thanks to Dr. David K. Pillai and his endeavors. 

So why is FMGE an extensively difficult turf for exam takers? 

Let us take a look at some statistics released by NBE this year.

  • Only 25.79% of Indian students with a foreign MBBS degree passed the exam in 2019. 
  • In 2020, the percentage dropped to 14.68% while it once again increased to 23.83% in 2021. The data shared by the National Board of Examinations also shows that in June 2020, 19.4% passed the FMG exam.

According to Dr. David K. Pillai, many foreign medical graduates possess the potential and ability to become successful doctors. But the statistics reveal that most Indians fail to pass a licensure exam.

Reason for FMGE is tough to crack


There are many different reasons why students fail the FMGE examination. The most common reason is the differences in curriculums followed by medical colleges in India and that in other countries. Apart from the curriculum, there are varying medical procedures and medications. It even depends on the quality of education, and language of study are likewise some of the few reasons why students fail to pass the examination.

No matter how globally-renowned an institution may be, the study materials and resources used by students at a foreign medical college and in India are different. As a result, many students find it challenging to ace the FMGE. The best way out of this failure tendency is to take FMGE coaching classes in India. There graduates can enhance their knowledge of medical studies and prepare better with appropriate reference materials. This was suggested by Dr. Pillai. 

He, a passionate educator, said that finding a job as a foreign graduate doctor in India can be difficult. Because there are certain criteria one has to fulfill, such as passing the FMGE. KIMA offers guidance on where soon-to-be exam takers can be successful in the test.

Students make the biggest mistake by concentrating more on what they have studied in the past few years without concentrating on the exam pattern. For clearing FMGE, they need to be prepared as per the question paper patterns of previous year ,” says Dr. Pillai.

What is the key to cracking FMGE?

The key to success in an examination such as the FMGE is a healthy balance between self-study and guidance from skilled medical professionals/medical experts. KIMA is India’s renowned and premier institute that guides aspiring medical students to succeed in FMGE. KIMA has a proven track record of delivering the best FMGE results while outperforming other institutes in India. It has produced the highest percentage of exam passers in Top All India Rank, among all the institutes in the country during the last few years. This is further demonstrated by the fact that seven of the top 10 All India Rank exam passers in FMGE last December 2021 are from KIMA.

What Makes KIMA Different From Other Institutes?

Dr. David K. Pillai added that at KIMA, students can study and compete with an excellent peer group system. They can be part of a vital and healthy competitive environment, which is much needed to achieve success. 

KIMA will propound:

  • E-learning modules
  • Hands-on practice of more than 35,000 questions
  • A series of mock tests conducted by experts
  • Best faculty comprising medical professionals available
  • Provision for online FMGE coaching
  • In-classroom discussions
  • State-of-the-art amenities.
  • Top-notch teaching methodology.
  • Assignments and evaluations every week.

KIMA has produced more than 7,000 FMGE passers. They were enjoined with a “flourish of trumpet” all over India for their achievement. At the same time they’ve gained credibility in educational placements. Being one of the best institutes that targets stellar results in FMGE coaching, KIMA aims to make competitive exams less strenuous for medical aspirants. They even offer fair chances so that they’ll be successful in their quest to become a physician.


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