Ultimate preparation guide for FMGE Dec 2022

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Ultimate preparation guide for FMGE Dec 2022

Kings International Medical academy (KIMA), in association with Davao Medical School Foundation is one of the leading institutes in India offering top-quality FMGE coaching. Here are some ultimate preparation guide/tips to succeed in FMGE. We believe,

Correct planning and strategy can make whole FMGE preparation easier.

Start early preparation

Foreign Medical Graduates can ace FMGE in the first attempt by starting the early preparation. Commencing early exam preparation will avoid the last-minute hassles. 

They should start their examination preparation by having a proper schedule. Students must schedule their preparation at least 4-6 months before the commencement of the exam. This will help them to analyse their knowledge on understanding the concepts. It even guides them to overcome complex concepts and makes them excel in those areas. 

Understanding the pattern and syllabus

Analyze the exam pattern and syllabus. Make a note on the weightage of various topics and subjects. Draft a study plan with list of the topics that need special attention. Then create a timeline by setting goals for each topic/section completion. Make sure to create a realistic study plan that includes study breaks in between.  

Time management  

Effective and dedicated time management leaves no place for procrastination. Completing daily study goals will boost confidence naturally. Goal completion will motivate a student to spend extra time studying. 

Managing their time will boost self-confidence, helps set priorities, and reduce stress levels. It also helps them make the best use of the available time. 

Enhance your preparation through revision

Revision is the ultimate tool that can guarantee success in the FMGE. They help the students to retain the information that they have studied. Students can review their preparation after completing a chapter. It will help them to brush up on their memory. 

Track your progress at the end of every day/week. Take the mock test on a timely basis. Students can attain the knowledge to identify their weaknesses through focused study. They can study ahead of the other students by eliminating their weaknesses.

Mock tests will help the students to analyze their performance on the individual chapter. Through analysis, they can convert their weakness into strengths.

By solving Kings International medical Academy (KIMA) mock test papers, the students can understand the exam pattern and the types of questions that can be asked during the examination. Based on this, they can develop their techniques and strategies to attempt maximum questions in the limited time provided to complete the test. 

Join a good coaching institute

Despite having excellent medical education, additional preparation will help the foreign medical graduates ace FMGE. Joining a coaching institute will help you to achieve your dream.  


Kings International Medical Academy (KIMA) is India’s No.1 premier FMGE coaching institute with proficiency in mentoring aspiring medical students for FMGE. KIMA has outshined everyone by being dynamic in delivering the best FMGE results over the years than any other institute in India. KIMA has exhibited unsurpassable results in FMGE December 2021, where 7 of the top 10 All India ranks are from Kings International Medical academy (KIMA). 

Why join us for FMGE?

Kings International Medical Academy (KIMA) prepares study materials with the help of India’s renowned faculties and doctors who have decades of experience in coaching for FMGE. We have 100+ e-learning modules along with 35,000+ practical questions for hands-on practice. Students will go through a series of mock tests. Our faculties will provide individual attention to the graduates to crack the FMGE in the first attempt.  

KIMA will always guide its students towards the right path by helping them to crack FMGE. We provide attention to minute details for the development of students. With our Top-notch teaching methodology, KIMA will ensure that each student relishes learning and acquires syllable knowledge. We maintain an optimal student-faculty ratio to concentrate every student with extra guard. Our students will have one-to-one interaction with the faculties to clear the doubts in the subject. 

The Kings International Medical academy (KIMA) campus has been designed from the ground up to foster collaboration, deliver college life experience with all the comforts of home, and help you prepare for your new life ahead. 

KIMA has world-class laboratory facilities with the latest equipment, Digital Libraries, and study halls. We have one of the biggest in-campus auditoriums, a multi-cuisine cafeteria. Our best-in-class Hostel facilities will comfort the students. 

Kings International Medical Academy (KIMA) aims to make competitive exams less strenuous and offer fair chances so that every medical aspirant achieves success. We have the Mission of creating more and more doctors from our Institution, and we are happy that the number of doctors from our institute is surging numerous times every year.

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