Top reasons to study medicine abroad explained by Dr. David K Pillai

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Top reasons to study medicine abroad explained by Dr. David K Pillai

Studying medicine abroad is an excellent way to begin your career as a Doctor. The medical field is growing very rapidly, and with the increasing need for qualified doctors, studying abroad can allow you to learn new things with international exposure. Going abroad to study medicine could be one of the best decisions you’ll ever make. Studying medicine abroad is a great opportunity for those interested in pursuing their medical career and learning new valuable skills in an international environment. This blog features the top reasons to study medicine abroad. 

Our educator, philanthropist, and chairman of Kings International Medical Academy successfully march his journey of educating and enabling students to achieve their dreams of becoming doctors! He plays a substantial role in providing the right guidance, and helping them choose the right path, empowering society with trusted doctors! 

Dr. David K Pillai, the renowned educationist and chairman of the prestigious Kings International Medical Academy, is our source for an explanation because he is been in this field for the past 22 years. No one knows better than Dr. Pillai. If you are considering studying abroad but are skeptical about the decision, there are good reasons why it would be a good choice. Let us listen to Dr. David K Pillai’s perspective about studying MBBS abroad and getting a globally recognized medical degree!

International Accredited Universities

Dr. David K Pillai elucidates that Medical knowledge and research are changing at an unprecedented pace, and new technology is constantly being developed. Many universities in India have been implementing new technologies into the classroom but not all the medical colleges. Foreign medical universities have better infrastructure and advanced research facilities than most Indian medical colleges. 

Dr. Pillai further added that Medical education from abroad will give foreign medical graduates first-hand experience on the various disease patterns and treatment options in other countries. Foreign medical graduates will be allowed to practice medicine during the one-year internship in their host countries. 

The experience and exposure!

By studying MBBS abroad, you’ll gain an unprecedented knowledge than you ever dream of studying in a mediocre Indian university, says Dr. David K Pillai. He further added that the professionally trained staff offer varied training from efficient institutions to get you perfect exposure! The well-maintained labs and research stations help you get to know the latest technologies which help you survive in any situation in any nook of the world! The education syllabus covers the myriad diseases and the efficient treatments you need to study!


If you study medicine abroad, the cost of education is often much lower than in India. For aspiring doctors in India, the hurdle is not just a limited number of seats but also high tuition fees at private universities. However, pursuing a medical degree abroad is a more affordable option for those who meet the eligibility criteria. MBBS graduates from abroad are more likely to find employment because they have an international perspective and experience. Studying abroad is beneficial both in the short term and long term, says Dr. David K Pillai.

Job Opportunities

Chairman of Kings International Medical Academy Dr. David K Pillai expressed that the best part is that MBBS abroad provides a wide range of career opportunities. Whether they are looking to work in their own country or overseas, people with a foreign medical education face no trouble when it comes to job placements. The USA, UK, and Australia are welcoming foreign medical degree holders. Moreover, a study shows that the expected job growth for physicians and surgeons from 2018 to 2025 is 7%.

The choice of studying medicine abroad opens up manifold opportunities for aspiring medical students, says the leading educationist and philanthropist Dr. David K Pillai.


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