Reasons Why Indian Students Prefer to Study Abroad

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Reasons Why Indian Students Prefer to Study Abroad

THE GLOBALIZATION of education is becoming more evident in developing nations. This is noticeable among the young minds. They have become more accustomed to global standards on the different aspects of the society such as culture, trends, and other international phenomenon.
This predicament brings a surge in popularity amongst students of all ages from other countries to study abroad. They gain knowledge from the growingly progressive setting that international institutions have to offer. Students are seeking out education in foreign countries to obtain a better quality of education where the ideals of pedagogy and also curriculum aren’t held back by the standards of their country’s traditional system of education.
Indian students aren’t exempted from this “study abroad” lure. Education abroad is becoming an increasing attraction for Indian learners.  They are willing to spread their wings and also want to explore/immerse into other cultures to garner a competitive edge over their peers.

Who is Dr. David K Pillai?

Dr. David K Pillai is a respected educator, enthusiastic philanthropist, and successful businessperson. Currently, he is the chairman of Kings International Medical Academy and also several other ventures. The man has also spearheaded an MBBS degree study abroad program in the Philippines, at a relatively low cost. He associated KIMA with Davao Medical School Foundation, a Philippine-based medical school. Through his ventures students can pursue the high caliber of education sought for an MBBS degree.

Reasons to study abroad

Dr. David K Pillai elucidates that students these days are looking beyond the conventional Indian experiences and that, there’s a new wave of overseas education. It has become the most popular and desired opportunity for most students. He added that studying abroad helps students reach their full potential. Study abroad even open doors to endless career choices. They can even develop their personality, and also explore a different culture to find out which fits them best.

If you are planning to study abroad, you should know that it is a challenging task that requires a lot of time, effort, and money. However, it can also be immensely rewarding and beneficial. In addition to the obvious benefits like obtaining global exposure and an international experience, there are other advantages that make studying abroad a good option for Indian learners as explained by Dr. David K Pillai.
Studying abroad is not just about learning in a new environment. It also provides a chance to earn a degree from a reputable institution. Apart from the fact that India itself has few good colleges and universities. There are other reasons as well why students are looking for quality overseas education. Many courses offered by institutes in India may not be as up-to-date as those offered by universities abroad. Education in foreign countries is more specialize. Students get a better understanding of the course.

Opportunities for students

Top-ranked universities across the globe offer more quality education which is highly valued by employers today. These educational institutions provide world-class facilities and infrastructure for research. This provide opportunities for students to learn more, not to mention the privilege. They gain their knowledge under the tutelage of a pool of faculty members who are experts in their respective fields. Studying in universities ranked in the top 200 best schools ensures students that they receive the quality education possible.
India also has several private colleges which charge steep fees. This is also one of the reasons why Indian students opt for overseas education because it can be quite affordable compared to the costs involved in studying in India. This is most especially in private educational institutes.

One more reason why Indian students go abroad is that they have greater opportunities to work in those countries of destination of theirs, after completing their studies. In India, it’s very difficult for a fresh graduate to find jobs in top-tier organizations. This is because most of them prefer experienced professionals over young graduates. In countries like the USA, however, this problem doesn’t exist. These students can find good jobs right after finishing their studies.
Students also prefer to study abroad because the country of their preference provides culturally diverse environments. They can also interact with people from different cultures. Study abroad also helps them in learning new languages, and gain knowledge about different traditions and customs of other nations. This experience not only helps them enhance their language skills, but also improve their understanding of other countries’ heritage.

Take away

According to Dr. David K Pillai, selecting an institution for higher education is indeed one of the most critical decisions an individual will face. The future lifestyle and employment of an individual are largely tied to the quality of education they have gained. Thus, this decision must be taken with much consideration and deliberation.
Dr. David K Pillai is a man with an experience of more than 22 years, helping students gain foreign medical degrees in a reputable institution in the Philippines..

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