Positive Parenting Tips for Healthy Child Development by Dr. David K Pillai

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Positive Parenting Tips for Healthy Child Development by Dr. David K Pillai

Positive parenting is a concerted effort of parents to nurture their child’s development while maintaining structure, discipline, and order.

                                                         –  Dr. David K Pillai

THE PARENT’s role is an important responsible factor in the development of a child. Though many factors are responsible for the growth and development of children, the role of parents is most effective among them. The behavior and even the personality traits of a person’s childhood often remain throughout their life, and from those childhood days, the person is molded. Positive parenting tips for healthy child development is something that cannot be ignored, says acclaimed educationist Dr. David K Pillai.

Well, Dr. David K Pillai is a reputed educationist, passionate philanthropist, and successful entrepreneur. He is currently the chairman of Kings International Medical Academy and several other ventures. He also pioneered studying MBBS in the Philippines at a low cost. Kings International Medical Academy is associated with Davao Medical School Foundation so that aspiring students can pursue a high-quality education and an internationally acceptable MBBS degree. 

It is the first step in forming healthy relationships between parents and kids. A child is always more like their parent. So it is important to have a good bond with them. While you consistently display positive parenting traits, your kid will also be influenced similarly. Being a father of 4 competent graduates, nobody can give better parental advice than this great man. Let us hear from passionate educator Dr. David K Pillai about Positive Parenting Tips for Healthy Child Development.

Build a positive relationship

The first tip for positive parenting is building up a friendly relationship with your child. You are the one who knows how to deal with your child; you need to be very patient and understanding as every child has its capabilities and talent. Try to listen to them; you will find many things that your children might want to share with you but are afraid of doing so due to some reasons. Once they get the confidence, they can share anything freely with you, it will be easier for both of you to understand each other.

Be a teacher!

You need to stay positive while bringing up your child. Your positivity will help them build their confidence in them which will help them make their decisions independently later in life. You need to teach them how to solve their problems instead of solving all their problems at once. Teach them how they can overcome their mistakes and not repeat the same mistake. Teach them how they can face challenges in life and make sure that they do not fear any challenge in life.

Inculcate Good Habits

Good habits are essential for every individual to live a good life. And it is equally important for parents to teach their children about good habits that will help them throughout their lives. You need to do things in front of your child and make them understand the importance of doing good things in life. This will encourage you to do positive parenting. It makes the child believe that they have to follow everything that they learn from their parents.

Play with Your Child

Spending time with your child is extremely important. Whether you have a newborn or a teenager, you must play with them regularly. It’s important for their emotional development and helps them bond with you. Also, it’s a great way for you both to have fun and show each other how much you love one another!

Be positive in every aspect of life!

Your child is going to pick up your moods, your feelings, and the way you talk to and about others. The best thing to do is try to always stay calm, even in the most stressful situations. Try to keep a positive attitude and remember that the “negative” things in life are just opportunities for personal growth.

Stay friendly with your child

Your child needs a friend who they can share everything with, without any fear or worry. They should be able to come up to you whenever they need help or want to share something with you. Make them feel important and special, and talk to them in a friendly manner.

Remain Patient

It’s important to remain patient with your child when they are learning new skills or developing certain personality traits. You might find yourself getting frustrated at times. However, try not to let this show as it could discourage your child from trying new things. Instead, praise them when they achieve something or show signs of improvement.

Positive parenting tips – Take away

Don’t expect your child to behave maturely at an early age, as kids can’t adequately understand things. What they feel and see is what they do. If you are expecting too much from them, then it will only result in disappointment, says leading educationist Dr. David K Pillai.

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