MBBS at Low Cost Is That Possible

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MBBS at Low Cost Is That Possible

Since when humans can possibly remember, MBBS has been a lucrative career choice for the daring and ambitious. Acquiring the degree marks a student’s first step toward becoming a doctor. The higher the degree one gains then after, the more qualified medical professional one becomes eventually.


It remains a dream for many owing to three major factors. This includes

  • Limited seats in India
  • Competitive exams like NEET
  • Extremely high cost of education.

Can you ever pursue MBBS at a low cost?

Well, yes! Thanks to the renowned educationist, Dr. David K Pillai. Students aspiring to be doctors can now study MBBS at affordable prices.


Dr. David K Pillai founded the KIMA primarily to offer NEET coaching, FMGE coaching, and MBBS abroad at lucrative prices.

1.      NEET coaching:

Students willing to grab an MBBS seat have to mandatorily clear the NEET exam. As the competition is high, it becomes challenging for applicants. Qualify in the first attempt entirely depending on their self-study. Professional NEET coaching under the guidance of mentors and subject experts helps learners have the best preparation. The rate of success in the first attempt, thus, increases massively.

Dr. David K Pillai offers the finest educational facilities at KIMA for top-quality NEET preparation.

2.      FMGE coaching:

FMGE is the mandatory licensure exam for FMGs willing to practice in India. It is also considered one of the toughest examinations in India. Henceforth, an expert’s guidance shall increase an FMG’s chances of clearing FMGE effortlessly.

Do you know KIMA boasts of securing a high passing percentage in FMGE? Their average percentage of first attempt success has never gone below 85%. In contrast, KIMA scored above 91% in FMGE results for December 2021.

3.      MBBS overseas:

Coming to the main part, KIMA has collaborated with DMSF. It is one of the leading institutes in the Philippines. Together, they provide premium quality MBBS study overseas.  Their cost of education is the cheapest rate possible. The reason is, Dr. David K Pillai who happens to be chairman of Kings. Being an acclaimed philanthropist, Dr. Pillai’s motive behind establishing KIMA as well as multiple such ventures. This enables aspiring students to pursue a career in medicine, despite their financial constraints. His entrepreneurship initiatives were to help the people and improve their living conditions.

That justifies why the study of MBBS in his institute and its associate college abroad offers medical education at such low rates.

It doesn’t end there!    

Dr. David K Pillai has also offered free medical education. One such example is S. Soundarya from the village of S. Anitha. S. Soundarya. She will be traveling to the Philippines. In order to complete her education at DMSF. Besides Dr. David K Pillai’s support, a private sponsor will finance her studies there.

Besides these, the educationist has provided children with the chance of pursuing basic education free of cost.

As Dr. David K Pillai says, “Premium medical education and appropriate healthcare facilities can both enhance the quality of lives.”  

Hence, if you are looking for low-cost MBBS studies in India or abroad, then go for the best available choice.

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