Last-Minute NEET Preparation Tips

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Last-Minute NEET Preparation Tips

ARE YOU a NEET aspirant? Well, the preparations for the most crucial exam are on full swing. Most of the students who have done their revisions for the exams earlier have prepared well. But now as the exam dates are nearing, there is hardly any time left to revise the subjects thoroughly. Even though it may seem impossible to revise everything when the exam is just around the corner, it’s still advisable that students maximize on the given revision techniques so that they may be able to remember the topics covered in the syllabus.

Kings International Medical Academy (KIMA) is India’s number one residential medical coaching institute that helps students prepare for examinations like the FMGE and NEET. These examinations require months of preparation, but with KIMA’s help, the students can be confident when they take the tests.  KIMA provides the students with an effective study plan, and prepares them to achieve their goals.

Here are some last-minute pointers for those who are preparing for the NEET 2022. 

  1. Build an exam temperament

The scenario ‘painted’ during your two to three years of exam preparation is different from the three hours of actual NEET. Given this fact, develop a good exam temperament so that your NEET preparation will earn you a good rank. Grab the opportunity to ace NEET by studying the topics covered in the questions in the mock tests.


  1. Work on rejection rather than selection

Don’t dwell on questions that you will not be able to absolutely solve and those which answer are certainly vague to you.  Similar with unimportant subject matters and lengthy questions as these may consume your valuable time. Move on to questions that you can answer or have answers so as not to waste points that may potentially be discredited to you do spending too much time on difficult queries.

  1. Focus more on accuracy and less on speed

A few minutes spent on carefully reading a question can save 30 minutes in your problem-solving time. It also ensures that you don’t lose marks due to few mistakes or miscalculations. Again, take advantage of the mock tests as much as possible to improve your speed without compromising accuracy.

  1. You are not expected to know everything

You are expected to know everything but remember that nobody can do that, so don’t go with negative thoughts like “I don’t know this topic”, or “I am weak at this topic,” or “I haven’t prepared this topic well enough,” etc. These thoughts will spoil your focus and result in poor performance in the NEET exam.

  1. Take mock tests.

The best way to prepare for any exam is by taking as many mock tests as possible. The mock tests will give you an idea of what types of questions will come out in the exam and the estimated duration in solving those test questions.

  1. Practice with previous year’s papers

Attempting the previous year’s papers will be a great help for you. The pattern of questions asked remains similar every year. So, if you were exposed to them, you will have an idea of what type of questions you can expect to come out. You will also gauge aptness when it comes to time management.

  1. Improve your accuracy

There are 180 questions in NEET which need to be solved within three hours. You cannot afford to waste time while attempting this exam. Keep practicing and try to improve your accuracy while solving questions. This helps you to attempt maximum questions in minimum time.

  1. Revise Everything

Revision is the key to success in any exam. You should revise all your notes, formulae, and important equations at least twice before the exam. Also, do not forget to revise concepts that you find difficult. Actually, revise all the chapters thoroughly. Go through all topics that need more attention. Refer to NCERT books if needed. The questions asked in the NEET exam are mostly from the topics covered in classes 11 and 12. So, it is necessary to focus more on these topics.


  1. Know your strengths and weaknesses


Have an assessment how you’re fairing in your NEET preparation. Prioritizing lessons that need more comprehension and information will work wonders in this challenging but doable period in your medical study. It’s confidence-boosting since you will take the exam equipped during the big day.

 Remember: Don’t let your nerves get the best out of you when takin the exam!



 Stay calm and composed throughout the duration. Try to attempt answering all easy questions first, and then move on to the difficult ones.

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