How Staying on a Residential Campus is Beneficial for a Medical Student?

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How Staying on a Residential Campus is Beneficial for a Medical Student?

OUR CULTURE says that success comes from the ideal combination of hard work and also talent. The added bonus here is top-notch support and guidance from respective educational institutions. Medical students envisioning their future as proficient doctors require this much needed assistance from their initial days onwards. Kings International Medical Academy is one such institute that walks an extra mile to ensure their students’ success.

Planning to join a medical coaching institute for the upcoming FMGE or NEET? Well, choosing between living off or on campus may put you in a terrible dilemma, especially with many misconceptions prevalent. Some believe that campus housing is expensive while others think that it’s unnecessary. 


Staying on campus is more beneficial for a medical student and can leave a strong positive impact on his/her academic journey. Here are a few crucial facts that can help students make a decision.  


1. Staying within a campus increases a student’s self-awareness     

A residential campus promotes the self-awareness of an individual. The residential institute allows its students to look after themselves, exposes them to different opportunities and also supports them to grow personally. This is much-needed for medical students who have to go through a lot of information and flat-out memorization. 


At Kings International Medical Academy, students will undergo motivational sessions where resident medicos are inspired to be self-aware and self-motivated which are extremely essential for future doctors. Furthermore, living together allows students to interact and support each other which largely contributes to their personal development.   


2. Resident students enjoy comprehensive academic support  

In-campus housing allows students to be surrounded by fellow learners which allows them to learn with each other and collaborate on academic projects. It’s amazing to knock on the room next door and get a question clarified instantly at any time. Fellow mates are excellent academic resources. 

Resident campus students enjoy comprehensive academic support

Besides, several facilities like books, study material, etc. are available even beyond the regular study hours.

3. Students need not travel and save a lot of time 

Travelling to and from the institute takes a lot of time and also leads to exhaustion. Staying on campus eliminates all of these. Medical students can dedicate a maximum amount of time to study, prepare and of course, co-curricular activities. 


Here at Kings International Medical Academy students are encouraged to engage in sports. Recreational activities like sports will keep the medicos healthy and motivated. Moreover, the coaching institute provides the necessary amenities comprehensively, making itself a second home for the dwellers.   

4. In-campus housing is a cost-effective option 


There is a common misconception that campus housing is an expensive option. But the educational institutes which offer food and accommodation facilities usually charge lower prices which already inclusive in their tuition fee. 

In addition, it eliminates the separate costs of travel, healthcare, electricity, waste removal, internet connection, etc. To give an apt example, Kings International Medical Academy not only provides these essential facilities for students within its premises but also charges the most affordable rates for these, along with a medical coaching. 

5. They reside amid strict security measures 

Those who choose to travel regularly from home or any other accommodation are always vulnerable to risks, be it of any kind. It’s the students who have to ensure their safety in their own way, fully. Campus housing facilities are equipped with top-notch security measures for the students’ safety. 

At Kings International Medical Academy, India’s top residential campus, there are several layers of security checks to prevent trespassers and allow only authorised people inside the premises. Besides, the entire campus is under CCTV surveillance 24×7. We also have strict security personnel deployed throughout the campus. 

Staying on campus, additionally, enhances a student’s undergraduate experience and sense of fulfilment.     

Benefits Available at Kings International Medical Academy

Kings International Medical Academy provides the best opportunities to residing students. Here are some highlights,

  • Adequately furnished accommodation for boys and girls 
  • Veg and non-veg cuisines available in completely hygienic conditions 
  • Wi-Fi connection everywhere
  • Regular cleaning and maintenance services available for every area, including rooms, bathrooms, corridors, etc. 
  • Access to library and other educational resources for extended hours 
  • Playgrounds and stadiums are to encourage students in sports and other co-curricular activities
  • Breath-taking ambience that promotes constructive learning 
  • Extremely caring staff to enhance the student’s experience
  • High-end security along with a separate support team to take care of the students’ comforts.

We make sure every medical student receives the best facilities and comfort during his or her academic period. Get in touch with us now to learn more about our offers and benefits. Our executives are available round the clock. We are here to provide you with the necessary support and guidance!

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