How Should Medical Students Present Themselves During Visa Interview? 15 Tips from Dr. David K Pillai

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How Should Medical Students Present Themselves During a Visa Interview? 15 Tips from Dr. David K Pillai

Pursuing education from a foreign institute calls for several official formalities, one of the important processes being visa interview. After getting admission successfully comes this daunting procedure of student visa when the young aspirants have to appear before officials and answer their interrogations convincingly.

The students of Kings International Medical Academy, one of India’s leading residential coaching institutes, have waited for two years in apprehension for their visa interviews. They will be travelling to Philippines to study MBBS at Davao Medical School Foundation, another premier medical college in that country.    

Of late, the concerned authorities have opened the visa interviews for these students, all thanks to the consistent efforts of Dr. David K Pillai. The chairman of Kings International Medical Academy resided in Philippines for almost two months and conducted several meetings to resume this process immediately. It’s after his extensive discussions that the officials finally decided to offer this opportunity and enable students to begin this new chapter in their lives.  

Who is Dr. David K Pillai?

Dr. David K Pillai is a renowned educationist who has founded several ventures to improve the medical education scenario and enhance healthcare facilities. He is also an award-winning philanthropist who has facilitated free basic education, free medical education, etc. for young aspirants. He has received multiple prestigious rewards for his selfless service and unparalleled contributions towards the society. One of the noteworthy awards is the Lifetime Achievement Award.  

As the visa procedure opens, the educationist sent out a message to his students regarding how to ace the interview by being presentable. 

Tips on Presenting Self during Visa Interview

1. As per Dr. Pillai, “Students appearing for the visa interview for Philippines must dress like a doctor. They should wear formal clothes and avoid T-shirt, jeans or other such casuals.” Also, they should be comfortable in what they wear. Indian traditional outfits for females are acceptable too. 


2. Students should avoid wearing gaudy gems, flashy jewellery, diamonds, dangling earrings, necklaces, chokers, etc. Jewellery, if worn, should be minimal like simple studs, a single ring, etc. They must not wear any ornament that makes additional sounds. Also, it would be good to remove piercings. 


3. If anyone has tattoos in the body, his or her dressing must cover all of those.     


4. Applicants must be confident and have a positive image. Revealing anxiety or stress may ruin their chances of approval. It is extremely important to stay calm and relaxed when facing the interviewers. “Do not forget to smile as that curve often sets everything right,” added the chairman.   


5. Dr. David K Pillai says, “The best answers come from the best listeners.” When applicants listen to the interviewers’ questions carefully, they give better answers easily. Taking a few seconds before replying offers them the time to understand questions and think appropriately. 


6. One of the important student visa interview tips is to be honest when answering the questions of the visa officials. Students have to impress them to ace the interview. 


7. Philippines is predominantly an English speaking country. The medical colleges there, including Davao Medical School Foundation, have this language as their medium of communication. Hence, it is essential to demonstrate proficiency in English language during the interview. However, they should not fake any accent that you aren’t comfortable with or doesn’t belong to you. 

Here are some additional tips 


8. Every word the candidates utters should be clear and in proper volume that’s neither too loud nor too low. Speaking in a casual tone is also not acceptable. They have avoid conversation filters like probably, I guess, ummm, like, etc.   


9. They should carry all the essential documents in a decent coloured file. The file must have separators so that students can accumulate all their papers into it. “Applicants should be comfortable with their belongings to avoid nervousness.       


10. Another important tip for student visa interview from Dr. David K Pillai is that candidates must not sound like a potential immigrant. While interacting with the interviewer, they have to make it clear that the students are travelling abroad only to study. They will return to their home country post completion of MBBS course. A clear indication of not securing an employment overseas is important.   


11. “You need to explain to the interviewer how medical studies match your career goals,” said Dr. David K Pillai. Students should explicitly state what motivated them to choose medical studies and how pursuing the course abroad shall impact their professional career back in India. 


12. Dr. David K Pillai also recommends students to give short and to the point answers. Visa officials usually don’t entertain lengthy answers which also take up their valuable time. Hence, response to any question should be crisp, short and direct.

How does attitude help with the visa interview process?


13. “Do not forget to smile during the interview and avoid making a tensed face, no matter what,” suggested the chairman of Kings International Medical Academy. However, this doesn’t mean students need to put on a fake smile with all their teeth out always. 


14. Also, making eye contact with each of the interviewers is a must while interacting with them and answering to their questions. 


15. Being punctual is mandatory and appreciated everywhere. Students don’t have the privilege to arrive late at the venue. It’s ideal to be there well ahead of time.  

That’s not all! 

Dr. David K Pillai further recommends that practicing mock tests regularly shall help a medical aspirant excel in a visa interview effortlessly. Such tests provide a glimpse of how the original would be and mentally prepares them. Experts at Kings International Medical Academy prepare them comprehensively to face any such challenge with ease, and fly to the Philippines for the MBBS course. 

Hence, if you aspire to build a promising career in the medical profession, get coaching from the initial stages. Ensure the best preparation for NEET, FMGE or MBBS in Philippines under the leadership of acclaimed leader, Dr. David K Pillai.  

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