How MBBS in Philippines is influencing aspiring medical students in India?

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How MBBS in Philippines is influencing aspiring medical students in India?

Being a doctor is a dream for millions all across the world. The field of medicine will be fascinating and evergreen throughout the ages. MBBS is one of the challenging bachelor’s degrees but with scads opportunities for promising doctors. The medical industry contributes billions to the economy and supports jobs that gush into lakhs. On average, the annual salary of a Doctor is around 30-40 lakh rupees in either Government or private sectors. Doctor Profession is a respectable and duly rewarding job in every way for one to opt for it. It is one of the most reverenced career options for Indian students. Studying MBBS in a top-ranking foreign medical college will add value to your portfolio. MBBS in Philippines is influencing wide range of Indian students. 

Why studying MBBS Abroad is propitious?

MBBS abroad bestows career opportunities because the degree comes with a global reorganization. The pre-eminence of the foreign medical degree is very high and helps the individual to get a better bewitch and understanding of the subject. The foreign universities cater better infrastructure and research facilities than most of the colleges in India. 

The limited number of government medical seats in India, and exorbitant tuition fees at private universities, are the stumbling block for an aspirant which shatters their dream. The cost of pursuing MBBS abroad is at par compared to private universities in India. The average MBBS fees in Private medical colleges range between 30 lakh to 1 crore in Rupees. But the cost of MBBS in foreign medical colleges is between 20 to 40 lakh in Rupees.  

Medical education in abroad will give hands-on experience on the heterogeneous disease patterns that transpire. Students are allowed to practice medicine during the 1-year internship to earn big money yielding a better return on investments in the long run. 

The students who study in foreign countries are circumjacent by fellow students from different countries, having different cultures and backgrounds provide international exposure. Apart from the foreign medical degree, the student will perceive the culture and the heritage of the country they are studying.

A survey affirms that the USA is expecting job growth of 7% for physicians and surgeons within 2018 to 2025. On the other hand, 40% of doctors practicing in New Zealand are from other countries. This study authenticates that MBBS provides stupendous opportunities for graduates to practice medicine.

Thousands of Indian aspiring medical students take their admission in renowned medical institutions abroad. These students aim for quality education at an affordable cost. Philippines will be the best destination for their higher education.

MBBS in Philippines 

Every year more than 10000 students enroll themselves in Philippines for medical education, whereas 50% of students are from India. Over the recent years, Philippines have transmogrified as one of the best destinations for studying Medical education. Along with the aspirant’s interest, the FMGE result has also authenticated the gospel that medical universities in Philippines offer the best medical education and opportunities for students aspiring to become medical professionals in India or abroad.

Advantages of MBBS in Philippines 

Medial universities in Philippines heed the US curriculum, so the graduates from Philippines find it easy to crack USMLE. This accouter provides the opportunities to pursue their higher studies in the USA. 

Advantages of MBBS in Philippines

Since Philippines is the fountainhead to top universities for its world-class proficiency. They provide practical experience to the student and transfigure them as clinical expertise. Most doctors, who graduated from the leading Philippines medical universities, are placed in the USA, Canada, United Kingdom, and Australia.

Philippines is the third-largest English-speaking country. English is one of their official languages. During the internship period, students will not require a translator to communicate with the patients. Philippines don’t require students to filter through English proficiency examinations like TOEFL and IELTS. The literacy rate of Philippines is around 93% as of 2021.

Among the top countries from which more than 400 students appeared on the FMGE, Philippines have the highest pass percentage throughout the years. FMGE is a licensure exam mandatory for Indian students carrying international medical degrees and willing to practice in India. As of December 2021 FMGE pass percentage of Philippines is highest among all other countries. 

The tropical climate in Philippines is one of the best climates that anyone can accommodate easily. As the climate, is indistinguishable to India, the disease pattern also remains the selfsame. This will be an opportunity for aspiring medical students for future medical practice in India. 

It offers international students world-class education at an affordable cost. College fees and accommodation with other expenses are cost-effective. The students can enjoy poising lifestyle while spending less money.

In general, Filipinos are intrinsically hospitable and friendly across the world.

Philippines medical colleges offer an M.D (Doctor of medicine) with duration of 5.5 years. This degree is equivalent to MBBS in India. The final year students will get an opportunity to visit the clinic and hospitals to learn the practical method of handling the patient, providing them guidance and experience as the life of a doctor. They provide global exposure to medical students by implementing world-class education standards. 

Eligibility criteria for MBBS in Philippines

  • The candidate should appear and qualify for NEET with a basic eligibility pass mark.
  • Candidate must have completed 10+2 with English as a compulsory subject. 
  • Students with a 50% aggregate in physics, chemistry, and biology are eligible for admissions. 
  • The candidate must be above 17 years of age, as of 31st December of the year of admission.

Recognition of Philippines medical degree

The Foreign medical graduates from Philippines can practice their medicine after qualifying in screening tests. Henceforth, these degrees are recognized by World Health Organization (WHO), National Medical Commission (NMC), Educational Commission for Foreign Medical Graduates (ECFMG), Foundation of Advancement of International Medical Education & Research (FAIMER), and World Federation for Medical Education (WFME).

Top Medical College in Philippines

Davao Medical School Foundation

Davao Medical School Foundation is one of the top 6 medical colleges in Philippines. They have been in the field of medical education for more than 45 years. Davao Medical School Foundation provides international quality MBBS education with its hi-tech modern campus and committed faculties. The pass percentage scored by students from Davao Medical School Foundation in FMGE December 2021 is 91.4% while that of all India is around 23.3%.  Each year over 1500 students from all over the world have chosen Davao Medical School Foundation to fulfill their dream of becoming a Doctor. In that 50% of students are from India. 

Kings International Medical Academy (KIMA) is closely associated with the top-ranking medical college in Philippines, Davao Medical School Foundation.

How Davao Medical School Foundation is beneficial for aspiring medical students?

  • World-class infrastructure
  • Pursue medical education at an affordable cost.
  • They do not collect any donation or capitation fee.
  • Davao Medical School Foundation helps in the preparation of USMLE.
  • The expenditure and cost of living are similar to India.
  • DMSF is showing a consistent FMGE pass percentage over the years.
  • Davao Medical School Foundation is located in Davao city which is one of the safest cities in Philippines, which is under police surveillance 24/7.
  • There is no need to learn an extra language, as most Filipinos are good at English. 

Tuition fee in Davao Medical School Foundation

In Philippines, the students can experience world-class medical education with a tuition fee of less than ₹ 3.57 lakh/year! 

Davao Medical School Foundation fee structure is one of the most trusted & high-performing medical colleges in the Philippines, by Indian medical aspirants. The tuition fee at Davao Medical School Foundation is just ₹ 3.57 lakhs/year! They provide a fee structure of just ₹ 22.28 lakh for the entire period of 5.5 years!

You can get a true international MBBS education experience at Davao medical school campus. 

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