How is Life at Kings International Medical Academy?

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How is Life at Kings International Medical Academy?

Standing proudly in Chennai’s Mahabalipuram is an institute that vows to make every aspiring candidate a medical student for a flourishing future. It takes a learner through painstaking training for some of the toughest examinations in the country. It also unleashes exciting opportunities to obtain a foreign MBBS degree from one of the best medical institutes in Philippines. Guess you thought it right; we are talking about Kings International Medical Academy, the reputed institute with high pass percentage in several FMGE results. How is Life at Kings International Medical Academy? 

Medical studies is a long-term commitment where the journey can be enlightening and intellectually challenging at the same time. Kings International Medical Academy, therefore, strives to provide exclusive facilities which can enhance learning experience and nurture students into being well-balanced healthcare professionals. It is one of the top ranking institutes in India, renowned for providing the best quality NEET and FMGE coaching to medicos.

While we know that Kings International Medical Academy brings the best of medical coaching in the country, many are unaware of the life within its sprawling campus that promises to be a second home for students. 

Let’s Get Introduced! 

Established in 1999, Kings International Medical Academy gained prominence over the years for offering top-class, result-oriented NEET and FMGE coaching in India. Kings is a medical coaching institute that strives to develop the conceptual knowledge of medicos so that they excel in the competitive exams effortlessly. Students are also provided one-on-one interactive programs to provide personalized training. 

How’s Life at the Campus? 

The residential campus of Kings International Medical Academy offers the perfect ambience to prepare for competitive medical exams. The environment of the campus is inspiring and encourages learning.

1. Accommodation and Food 

The institute offers separate hostel facilities for boys and girls with all the essential facilities needed for utmost comfort. Besides spacious rooms, there are long corridors, common rooms and open spaces in every residential block. The hostels also offer more than one bathroom in each floor. Worrying about cleanliness? Well, that’s taken care of by professional housekeeping services regularly. The aesthetics surely keep our boarders motivated all through their academic journey and make them miss their homes a little less.

Regarding food, there are canteens, catering services and cafeteria serving a variety of food in both veg and non-veg categories. There’s a large dining hall where students can relish meals 3 times a day.  

2. Amenities 

He further informed that the campus is well-equipped with academically stimulating facilities like:

  • State-of-the-art infrastructure 
  • 24×7 Wi-Fi facilities 
  • Digital smart e-classrooms 
  • Cutting-edge technology installed 
  • Interactive medical digital e-learning platform 
  • Video conferencing rooms 
  • Audio-visual enhancements 
  • World-class laboratories, etc. 

3. Learning 

With the main focus on education, the campus ensures maximum conveniences for the best learning experience. There are study rooms, chat rooms, a big library, digital library and many areas where medical students can engage in group study or brainstorming discussions. Dr. David K Pillai has arranged for 100+ e-modules, ample study materials, medical journals, bibliographic citations, question banks and many other academic resources. Kings International Medical Academy provides everything that students require to prepare and ace two of the toughest exams – NEET and FMGE. 


4. Access to an Experienced Faculty 

What makes this institute more preferable is its globally acclaimed faculty members and guest lecturers. Students get mentored by some of the renowned medical practitioners from India and abroad. With this, they not only receive the best of knowledge but also get exposure to their rich experience.    

5. Recreation 

Kings International Medical Academy understands how hectic medical education can become after a certain period. It can stress out young medicos and demotivate them, thus, negatively affecting their results. To keep them enthusiastic, the institute provides adequate recreation facilities. It also organizes sports events every year and has facilities for indoor and outdoor games. Kings International Medical Academy prioritizes good health before providing healthcare services to others. It’s also important that they stay motivated throughout their academic journey.            

6. Safety Features within the Campus 

KIMA is assured in providing the high-end safety parameters followed within the campus. Besides modern security instalments like CCTV cameras, fire alarm systems, emergency exist lighting, etc. throughout the campus of Kings International Medical Academy, there are security personnel to ensure no intruders trespass. The campus is also protected with fire-hazard proofing. Kings International Medical Academy even has safety maps to guide students and emergency assistance stations, in case any medical student faces a security threat.

How is Life at Kings International Medical Academy

Kings International Medical Academy brings a campus that’s no less than your home. It offers comfort, convenience, safety and of course, the best medical training programmes under the able leadership of Dr. David K Pillai.     

Hence, if you are an NEET or FMGE aspirant or want to study medicine abroad, it’s time you get in touch with the top-ranking institute in the country who will provide you with comprehensive solutions, like the Kings International Medical Academy.     

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