How FMGE Coaching Program in KIMA Stands Out from the Rest

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How FMGE Coaching Program in KIMA Stands Out from the Rest

Kings International Medical Academy (KIMA), in association with Davao Medical School Foundation, is India’s premier FMGE/NEET coaching institute. KIMA is chaired by leading educationist Dr. David K Pillai. KIMA helps aspiring medical students pass FMGE. It has been helping thousands of them achieve great scores, since its inception. 

KIMA has delivered outstanding results during the last decade. Its students have consistently ranked in the top 10 All India ranks in FMGE. Another milestone the institute nailed was that many of the December 2021 exam takers are already securing great jobs in the health sector. While other institutes may promise success, they may be ineffective. KIMA’s method of FMGE coaching is world-class and top-notch.

How is KIMA different from other institutes?

One of the most distinguishing aspects of KIMA is its student-centric approach to teaching. We understand that students want to be well-prepared. They also plunge into practice as soon as they start their medical careers. This is the reason why KIMA provides clinical-based training. They even offer results-oriented programs to their students.

Dr. Pillai expressed that KIMA uses the knowledge of renowned doctors and faculty members to develop its curriculum. This stays up-to-date, helping students to keep up with the changing trends in medicine.

It is necessary to review one’s subject matter knowledge before the person takes the exam. The institution offers preparation courses that focus on the specific topics covered in the exam. Future exam takers will learn how to structure responses. This also helps them to make effective transitions in their written answers for the single response questions. They will also gain the ability to answer the multiple-choice section and the overall exam in general, promptly. It’s no unknown fact that spending too much time answering one question can be detrimental to your test score since the exam is time-bound. 

To aid students in achieving these skills, KIMA runs regular tests. They even conduct interactive discussions to boost their confidence in FMGE coaching. And at the same time motivate these foreign medical graduates. One can clarify his or her doubts or misconceptions on their subject of concern, by taking mock tests. They can also do interactive assignments.

Access to an Experienced Faculty 

KIMA has a team of expert doctors as their faculties who have decades of experience in training medical graduates. They even prepare the students to rely on themselves for competitive examinations. 

These instructors and professors alike, give each student individual attention. This will help them address their concerns. They make sure that they comprehend their lessons well. In addition, the teachers don’t only teach exam preparation strategies but share practical applications in the medical profession as well. 

The faculties of KIMA will support the students in all their endeavors. They are always ready to help in any way they can. The institution offers affordable, quality medical education with an impeccable level of service and coaching, provided.

Resources and Study Materials     

Students have different learning styles, so KIMA tries to make lessons interactive.  They even provide  hands-on experience to cater to the individual’s manner of attaining that learning curve. This would help them build a strong foundation in the basics of medicine. By this way they gain knowledge  to comprehend more difficult concepts. As mentioned, the academy also includes mock tests in its curriculum. These mock exams are ways that allow students to assess their strengths and weaknesses. So that they can study smarter the next time. In this way, they will be better prepared for the actual exam. All of these are recommendations from a passionate educator, Dr. David K Pillai. 

Normally, an individual will kick off his or her medical education with a study load that comprises of complex topics. By being confronted with more difficult subjects, one will find ease in learning eventually, as the student proceeds with the education. This leads to a successful medical career. 

One way to attain this is through assessments. This informs students of the areas where they need improvement. These evaluation tools were formulated by an expert panel of doctors who help students prepare for their FMGE.

Facilities at KIMA

KIMA boasts of digitally advanced infrastructure such as e-classes. These classes are  incorporated with a range of facilities. This helps the students study and relax at the same time. There’s also an accommodation facility for FMGs who prefer to stay in-house during their FMGE review period.

KIMA likewise makes it easy for students to pursue their education by providing Wi-Fi in the classrooms and dormitories. The medical institution has created an environment where students can learn. This will also help them grow to their full potential.

A laboratory equipped with the latest technology contributes to preparing the students. This helps them to excel with global standards. The school study halls and libraries in the school have also been digitalized. This is to provide more advanced learning to the learners.  On top of these, KIMA likewise features one big auditorium that can occupy 500+people. It even has a multi-cuisine cafeteria, and a best-in-class hostel.

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