How Can Kings Fulfil Your MBBS Dream in Abroad?

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How Can Kings Fulfil Your MBBS Dream in Abroad?

Well, the competition is high; medical seats are limited in our country; cost of education is also expensive – all these factors and others are, in fact, inspiring medical aspirants in India to dream big. Thousands of them now aspire to fly offshore and pursue MBBS in abroad, owing to its numerous perks. Are you one such enthusiastic aspirants dreaming of the most sought after career from a foreign institute? A renowned institute, Kings International Medical Academy is fulfilling MBBS dreams of lakhs of students like you. 

Ask How? 

Kings International Medical Academy is spearheaded by the internationally renowned educationist, Dr. David K Pillai who is the chairman of the institute. An inspiring personality to many, this man has pioneered affordable medical education in India and has been transforming the education scenario for over 20 years now. 

Under his adept supervision, Kings International Medical Academy associated with Davao Medical School Foundation in Philippines to facilitate MBBS in abroad. The latter is a top-ranking medical institute with high pass percentage, the best quality education and modern amenities. 

Hence, if any student joins Kings International Medical Academy, he/she can continue his/her long medical education of around 5 years at the institute in Philippines. Dr. David K Pillai not only recommends students but also ensures that their journey and settlement are effortless. 

With most students being first-timers overseas, Kings provides complete assistance to the medicos travelling to the South Asian nation. Students can receive support in the following areas:

  • Visa application and approval 
  • Documentation 
  • Counselling 
  • Knowledge of the foreign country’s culture, people, environment, etc. 
  • Ticket bookings 
  • Accommodation arrangement
  • Admission at the institute
  • Settlement at Philippines and more

In case any student encounters trouble, he or she can always get in touch with the team at Kings International Medical Academy in India. This way, the institute continues to fulfil dreams of studying MBBS in abroad easily. 

Why did Dr. David K Pillai Choose Philippines?

Now, that’s a good question. Dr. David K Pillai chose Philippines over other developed countries for it brings multiple benefits for foreign students. 

  1. The government of Philippines is highly supportive of education and its growth. It encourages international students and promotes a culture of brotherhood among all. 
  2. Filipinos are known to be extremely hospitable, which works in favour of foreigners. The country is safe compared to other nations. 
  3. Another major benefit for Indian students is that the weather and climatic conditions of Philippines is tropical. Hence, it won’t be difficult for them to adjust. 
  4. Also, the disease pattern is similar to that of India. Hence, medical students get the maximum exposure for diagnosis.  
  5. English is the medium of communication and learning because Philippines is the 3rd largest nation to speak this language.  
  6. Institutes in Philippines stress more on hands-on experience which enhances practice of students. 
  7. The MBBS degree acquired from institutes there is accepted worldwide.  

As Dr. David K Pillai added, “Philippines is close to India. Students will have to fly for only 5 – 7 hours to come home. If pursuing a career in medicine from a foreign institute is one’s dream, Kings International Medical Academy is the gateway.”

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