Hone Your Skills to Reach Your Dreams

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Hone Your Skills to Reach Your Dreams

YOU’VE certainly experienced losing focus at a task you’re gleaning into and you felt frustrated. This momentary (or if you’re unfortunate, can feel like eternal sometimes,) distraction happens to all regardless of age.

When you’re preparing for exams, it’s a non-negotiable to must concentrate thoroughly on the subjects in front of you. Unfortunately, when there are a million possibilities of diversion all around you, this becomes hard! We all know that the increasing use of digital devices has lowered our memory span. However, there are still solutions to fix the situation. With all key tests planned for the coming months, the tail end of your schooling year is quickly approaching. Include the methods further below your study plan to learn how to concentrate and reach your goals!

Let’s master how to study with focus!

Take frequent breaks.

You aren’t really a robot! You just shouldn’t expect your body or thoughts to continue to focus for extended periods of time. You require pauses, so begin taking a 5-10 minute rest per hour. This is a sort of prize for your unwavering focus, and it plays in your head. It allows you to remain focused for the entire hour without being fidgety.

Forget the existence of your smartphone.

While various people use their phones for varying amounts of time, it’s undeniable that using a smartphone while studying is a major source of distraction in today’s environment. If you must keep it with you, either put it away fully or switch off your mobile data and Wi-Fi connection. If you’re assured that you won’t be distracted, you can utilise it to listen to a piece of certain light music.

Prior to getting up, set goals and achieve them.

Setting goals is another incentive type you can use to earn breaks. These goals can be small and simple to attain, such as finishing a specific topic, chapter, or the number of pages, making the experience of taking a break that much more satisfying. This allows you to concentrate on your task in the hopes of taking a well-deserved respite.

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Study at quite a desk rather than in bed.

The biggest blunder you can do is studying in bed because otherwise you’ll soon become too comfy and take a nap. Instead, you should sit up straight at your desk and study there. The separation of a study and sleeping room can assist you in instinctively switching from ‘playing’ to ‘study mode.’

Instill the ‘Five-More’ rule and see the difference.

The ‘Five-More’ Rule is a persuasive technique that you should employ frequently in order to maintain sustained concentration. The rule is simple and effective: whenever you wanted to give up, just pressure yourself a little stronger. Go for five more pages if you’re casually reading something. If you’re already focused on something, keep up the good work for another five minutes. This method aids in developing your timing.

Use the ‘Spider’ strategy.

This is a quality that can be honed through time. The spider approach is based on a well-known experiment in which a spider responds to a tuning fork every time it is rung but eventually stops responding once it realises what is going on. This is the mindset you need to adopt in your life over time. It would be quite impossible to entirely isolate yourself from all forms of distraction in a home with many people or a hostel with your pals. As a result, you must construct a conceptual barrier to protect yourself from minor distractions such as someone chattering over the next room, a door banging, downpours on a metal roof, or any other unavoidable disturbance.

You will be able to boost your focus levels when studying if you use all of these approaches. However, you must realise that all of this is only attainable with practice and dedication. You won’t be able to improve your concentration overnight, but with persistence, nothing in the world will indeed be likely to disengage you. 

I found these tips might help you and believe firmly you’ll deploy and see the changes! All the very best future medicos! 

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