FMGE study plan by Dr. David K Pillai

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FMGE study plan by Dr. David K Pillai

“Should I go through these topics or skip for now?”

“Isn’t my MBBS study enough to appear in the exam?”

“How do I know my preparation is up to the mark?”  

If you are an FMGE aspirant, these questions are probably popping up in your mind right now. Well, foreign medical graduate examination is extremely competitive and demands rigorous training to excel. Naturally, FMGs remain confused especially when they aren’t guided by proficient mentors. Reputed educationist, Dr. David K Pillai, therefore, suggests an FMGE study plan to follow while preparing for this tough licensure exam.  

Dr. Pillai is also the chairman of the leading residential coaching institute, Kings International Medical Academy. He has collaborated with Davao Medical School Foundation in Philippines to facilitate medical education overseas at attractively low rates.     

So, let’s check out his recommendations for the best FMGE preparation. 

The List of Dos for FMGE Preparation

Do – Plan and schedule your study

The first thing every student should do is prepare an FMGE study plan by listing out all the important areas to cover in the syllabus. Think from the FMGE perspective. You can also seek the guidance of experts and also consult previous years’ question papers to gather an idea.

Some of the important topics to study include:

  •          General medicine
  •          Pathology
  •          General Surgery
  •          Physiology
  •          Forensic medicine
  •          Anatomy
  •          Microbiology
  •          Tuberculosis
  •          Community Medicine and a lot more

At Kings International Medical Academy, professors guide the FMGE aspirants to prepare an FMGE study plan which not only covers all the subjects but also completes the syllabus along with multiple revisions before the MCI screening test. They also share the latest FMGE syllabus with details topics, thus, making it easier for them to learn.

Do – Regularly practice MCQs    

Appearing for the exam solely based on your theoretical knowledge would be a risky thing to do. Practicing MCQs, problem-solving papers, etc. is imperative to enhance your skills and also efficiency. As Dr. David K Pillai says, there’s no alternative to practice.

FMGs preparing at Kings International Medical Academy practice 10,000+ e-modules, previous years’ question papers, practice papers and also MCQs extensively. This is one of the major reasons why FMGE results from this institute is always record breaking.

Do – Attempt mock tests

Mock tests are the key to evaluating the condition of your preparation. Let’s check out its perks:

  •          Experience the exam scenario before appearing for the actual and be prepared accordingly.
  •          Increases your accuracy and also speed of solving questions
  •          Enables you to solve previous years’ papers  
  •     Allows you to know which subject area is taking up more time to study, which one seems easier or tougher.

When preparing for FMGE, make sure to practice mock tests regularly. Kings International Medical Academy ensures that every FMGE aspirant has the best preparation with ample mock test regularly. It doesn’t end there! Mentors evaluate the students after every test and also improves their weak areas accordingly.

Do – Clear your concepts before memorising  

As FMGE question paper contains few direct questions and also the difficulty level keeps increasing year after year. It is important to have your concepts clear before memorising medical jargons. Make sure you have a grip over the fundamentals and also basics of the subjects so that no conceptual doubts remain. Dr. David K Pillai shared that Kings International Medical Academy takes extra care to ensure this.

“Our mentors conduct one-on-one interactive as well as doubt clearing sessions specifically to understand their weaker areas and also clarify the unclear concepts,” said Dr. David K Pillai, chairman of Kings International Medical Academy.

The List of Don’ts for FMGE Preparation

Do Not – Rely on your MBBS course

That signifies you can solely rely on MBBS course that you followed in the past few years. FMGE preparation requires additional skills and also efficiency. This can be gained by practicing previous question papers and also learning every topic or subject. You literally cannot skip anything. The reason being no subject or topic is given any fixed weightage for the MCI screening test. So, skipping anything would be a blunder.

Do Not – Consult too many resources

Though an FMGE aspirant, you cannot go on consulting any book that comes your way. Referring to too many resources only leads to confusion along with the crowding the information. Also, avoid blindly choosing a guide book recommended by other students and instead go for the expert suggested ones. If you are a student of KIMA, you must be knowing how the mentors there recommend the most appropriate books to consult. All the important resources are accessible to students at the library.

Do Not – Skip any MCQ

Interestingly, there’s no negative marking in the exam. Therefore, you should never skip any MCQ but attempt all the questions as each of these counts. If you can’t remember the exact answer, trust your knowledge and also make a guess based on that. Who knows, you might gather some additional points from your correct guesses.

Do Not – Doubt your abilities

The biggest mistake an FMGE aspirant makes is doubting self. Your morale lowers the moment you distrust your abilities. Hence, make sure to stay motivated and be positive even if you taste failure during preparation or in the previous exam. Determination can take you a long way in acing the examination. Dr. David K Pillai recommends engaging in sports and other co-curricular activities so that students not only break the monotony but also stay healthy and focused. At Kings International Medical Academy, there are playgrounds and stadiums for indoor and outdoor sports.    

There are in total 19 subjects to cover for the foreign medical graduate examination and every topic is important to learn. The more you study elaborately, the better would be your preparation. Kings International Medical Academy, being the no.1 residential coaching institute, is specialised in providing FMGE training to aspiring foreign medical graduates from any country across the globe. It holds the record of securing high pass percentage in FMGE results in several consecutive years.

If you are planning to appear in the upcoming FMGE, ensure to take experts’ guidance from institutes such as Kings International Medical Academy. When people like Dr. David K Pillai are at the helm of it, no doubt that students will emerge victorious.    

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