Dr. David K Pillai’s Relentless Efforts Resumed the Visa Interview Process for Medicos

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Dr. David K Pillai’s Relentless Efforts Resumed the Visa Interview Process for Medicos

While luck does favour, it’s an individual’s relentless endeavour and hard work that push him towards constant progress. Dr. David K Pillai has proved that once again. Wondering what he has done now? Well, his extensive efforts for months have finally impelled the respective authority to resume visa interview process for medicos in Philippines. 

After COVID-19 drove the world to stagnation, various sectors are slowly coming back to normalcy, including education. In this case, medical aspirants have waited for 2 long years to pursue their higher education abroad. 

How did Dr. David K Pillai Make It Happen?

To tell you how the visa interview process for medicos in Philippines happened, here’s something you need to know first.

Dr. David K Pillai is the chairman of Kings International Medical Academy (KIMA), India’s premier residential coaching institute. KIMA is specialised in providing NEET and FMGE trainings. Under his leadership, KIMA collaborated with Davao Medical School Foundation in Philippines, another globally renowned medical academy, for facilitating MBBS education abroad.

As students of Kings International Medical Academy waited for long after submitting their visa applications. Dr. Pillai travelled to Philippines and stayed there for the last 2 months. He participated in extensive discussions and attended several meetings with the government embassy officers and officials from DFA and CHED. Not only did he appeal to resume the process, but had also discussed how to smoothly continue medical education and ensure students’ safety during the ongoing pandemic situation. 

As a result of his endeavours, the authorities opened their gateways to interested applicants for visa interviews. It was scheduled on 17th May 2022 in the Philippine Embassy in Chennai.

In the Words of Dr. Pillai… 

The responsible leader that he is, Dr. Pillai organised an acclimatization program on 15th May 2022. There he also spoke to the MBBS aspirants and their worried but delighted parents. He discussed the significance of medical education and its impact on humanity. 

You may wonder how medical education is related to the progress of civilisation!   

As Dr. David K Pillai Chennai said, “The study of medicine gives immense knowledge which further helps a doctor provide superior quality healthcare services to people.”

How are Dr. David K Pillai reviews?

Needless to say, the reviews are quite motivating and positive. The faculty at KIMA is overwhelmed as their students became the first visa recipients.

• According to a mentor at KIMA, “It was an exhaustive wait for all of us with almost no signs of hope. Dr. David K Pillai, however, kept us optimistic with his motivational thoughts throughout. His confidence and determination made this happen today.”  

• Another faculty member wrote, “Our students are the first who got this opportunity to register with the Commission on Higher Education, Philippines. Thank you so much Dr. Pillai for what you have done. Your leadership, we wish, continues to enlighten our path.”

That’s not all! 

At the ZOOM meeting held by the educator, parents expressed their joy and gratitude through positive Dr. David K Pillai reviews. 

• One of the parents said, “That much-desired moment has finally arrived after two years of waiting. Our aspirations, hopes and dreams will now be fulfilled. It’s emotional and exciting at the same time that our students will travel to the Philippines for their medical education.”

• “Thanks to the most passionate educationist. Dr. Pillai has not only initiated the visa interview process but has also arranged chartered flights for our children.  This will help the students reach DMSF safe and sound,” added another parent.     

Dr. David K Pillai, being a dedicated philanthropist, had made all the necessary arrangements in the chartered flights. This helped the medicos enjoy a hassle-free journey. 

For all such activities, the leader has received several accolades. This including the prestigious Lifetime Achievement Award and Perundhamizhan Raasaraasan title from Mallai Tamil Sangam, etc.  

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