Dr. David K Pillai Writes to All the NEET Aspirants of 2022 – 2023

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Dr. David K Pillai Writes to All the NEET Aspirants of 2022 – 2023

The much-awaited NEET 2022 – 2023 is imminent and scheduled in July. As NEET aspirants are preparing full on. Dr. David K Pillai writes for them about perseverance, optimism and motivation during this period. For the uninitiated, he is the chairman of the No. 1 residential coaching institute in India, Kings International Medical Academy, and many other educational ventures across the country. Dr. David K Pillai is sought after for his dexterous capabilities as a leader in the field of medical education.   

To the NEET aspirants!  

Dr. David K Pillai says most aspirants seek motivation during this rigorous preparation from statuses on their mobile phones or quotes of famous personalities. That indeed is quite inspiring! However, they need more than that to qualify in the entrance exam. 

A man who has always endeavoured for students chose to speak what’s fact. He said, the all India based competition is going to be tough this year. Aspirants can pull it off smoothly only with the perfect amount of study, dedication and hard work. “Make sure you are enthusiastic and also encourages from within as that’s the key to your success,” added the educationist.  

Some Last Minute Suggestions for NEET Aspirants 

The educationist has also shared some last minute suggestions which can help an NEET aspirant ace the exam. Check out below: 

a) Learn the subjects and their concepts well. Do not mug up but try to understand. 

b) NEET is an exam which tests an examinee’s aptitude and ability to implement the concepts he/she has learnt, besides his/her memory power  

c) Indeed, Work hard as it has no substitute 

d) Solve as many question papers of previous years, sample papers, etc. as you can 

e) Revise repeatedly and also appear in mock tests to improve your skills

“You need to use your mind properly to make it do wonders,” says Dr. David K Pillai. The educationist also encourages students for self-motivation. He added, “one whose mind is focused and heart has the courage to face challenges can achieve more.”    

Dr. Pillai’s Lessons on Students’ Failure 

Dr. David K Pillai believes in being prepared for every situation – success and failure. It feels extremely bad when you fail to secure the expected rank in the medical entrance exam. He said, “If things go wrong, remember that it’s you who can hold yourself back.” He emphasised on believing in self besides not losing hope. Self-doubt and low confidence can push you back to a place where no one can help you. So, be your own support and inspiration. 

Kings International Medical Academy – The Campus That Trains Dreamers  

The institute which has Dr. David K Pillai as its spearhead no wonder is the leading medical coaching academy in the country. KIMA in association with Davao Medical School Foundation in Philippines enables aspiring candidates to pursue MBBS at the foreign institute. It primary provides exclusive NEET as well as FMGE coaching in India. The noteworthy feature of Kings is its extremely low cost of education which even students from middle class families can also easily afford. Dr. David K Pillai has received multiple awards internationally for this endeavour.  

Apart from that, KIMA boasts of providing the best facilities that medicos require for quality education. Below are a few of those: 

  • State-of-the-art technology installed 
  • Advanced medical tools and equipment 
  • Smart e-classes 
  • Library with ample study material, besides journals and other rare resources 
  • Upgraded tech-oriented lab 
  • Sprawling campus with hostel facilities and food 
  • High-end security installations 
  • Playground and also stadium for sports 
  • 24×7 assistance for students, etc. 

How Kings International Medical Academy Prepares its Students for NEET?

At the residential coaching institute, NEET aspirants are also provided regular coaching classes on the various subjects from syllabus. They are made to solve ample sample papers, previous years’ question papers and other practice papers to enhance their efficiency for the highly competitive exam. 

Additionally, mentors conduct one-on-one interactive session to clear doubts and also explain the concepts elaborately. Students from the beginning of their training learn and solve sample papers to practice. The institute’s learning modules are uniquely designed to help them acquire time management skills. After completing their syllabus, they go through mock tests for the best NEET preparation. 

Dr. David K Pillai personally ensures that every aspirant is prepared, relaxed and motivated. The renowned educationist said, “KIMA has a lot in store for you. You need to join us to be a part of this exciting educational place.”

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