Dr David K Pillai Guides NEET Aspirants to Succeed with Self-Motivation

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Dr David K Pillai Guides NEET Aspirants to Succeed with Self- Motivation

National Eligibility and Entrance Test or NEET is one of the most challenging examinations which demand months of arduous preparation. Once qualified, applicants grab a medical seat at their preferred institute. However, the long study hours during preparation with almost no extracurricular activities most often demotivate the students, thereby, dipping their graph. As staying determined throughout is extremely necessary. Dr David K Pillai gives his invaluable guidance to NEET aspirants for succeeding with self-motivation. 

Dr David K Pillai

Who is Dr. David K Pillai? 

Well, Dr. David K Pillai is more than simply a name. He is an idol.  He is an inspiration for thousands of medical students who want to build a rewarding career as doctors.  

Dr. Pillai is the person to have pioneered the study of MBBS in Philippines at a low cost. He is also someone who has impacted countless lives with his selfless social activities. He, furthermore, is an educational entrepreneur of many reputed ventures, including the Kings International Medical Academy. Despite chairing the responsibilities of the institute, Dr. Pillai always remains available to his students as their mentor and guide. 

How Does Dr. David K Pillai Encourage His Students?

So when NEET aspirants complain of loss of enthusiasm, he also suggests some NEET motivation tips to get back on track. He stresses mainly on self-motivation. According to Dr. David K Pillai, “Those who cannot motivate themselves are always stuck with mediocrity, irrespective of their other talents. Hence, self-motivation being an important life skill is crucial.”

  1. Here’s how self-motivation can help NEET aspirants: 
  2. Motivating self makes the goals clearer along with a student’s desire to succeed.
  3. As Dr. David K Pillai says, every road to success contains obstacles. It’s self-motivation which gives the courage to overcome those roadblocks.
  4. Self-motivation empowers aspirants to try once more and go beyond limitations.
  5. Most importantly, this essential life skill makes an individual realise that his biggest competitor is none but he himself. A student must try to improve himself better than what he was yesterday.

Ways to Develop Your Self-Motivation Skills

Dr. David K Pillai instigates NEET aspirants to ignite their inner fire and work hard with self-confidence. There should be no negative attitude if they want to succeed in exam as well as life.

  • Learn from your mistakes and failures always
  • Convert your weaknesses into your biggest strengths
  • Ensure to have determined goals
  • Concentrate on your thought process and also direct it in the correct way
  • Besides being optimistic, be positive. It also keeps you happy and makes you deal with problems calmly
  • Do not let your social or economic status come in between your study and success
  • Indeed, Execute self-improvement strategies everyday
  • Grow your interests more in the subjects you learn
  • “Every other person on this planet can hold your hands to guide you, but it’s you who has to walk on your own to move ahead,” says Dr. Pillai.

Dr. David K Pillai saw an educational platform for providing top-notch training to medical career aspirants. And then, KIMA happened. Being the chairman, he also strives to ensure that every student joining this institute transforms his/her dreams into reality through his/her potential. It in association with DMSF, Philippines facilitates the study of MBBS overseas at attractively low expenses.

All thanks to Dr. David K Pillai and his adept leadership. Today, Kings International Medical Academy is the no. 1 residential coaching institute in India for its experienced and globally acclaimed faculty. It also groom its students with innovative teaching methodology, extensive hands-on practice, exhaustive resources. And also study materials and several other reasons.

No wonder Dr. David K Pillai has been honoured with the ‘Lifetime Achievement Award’ and many more for his unparalleled contributions in the field of medical education and healthcare facilities.

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