Dr. David K. Pillai and His Values on Uplifting Society

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Dr. David K. Pillai and His Values on Uplifting Society

Values o uplifting societyValues are deeply-rooted within our souls. These evolve around strong moral foundations that reflect our consciences. Values on uplifting society plays a vital role in everyone’s life. This also senses of what’s right and also what’s wrong. While values are lived by individuals in multiple ways. Very few dedicate their entire lives solely to what benefits society. One notable example of such personality is Dr. David K. Pillai. He is the chairman of India’s top-tier residential coaching institute – Kings International Medical Academy. This institute offers premium quality NEET and FMGE coaching to medical students. 

An unparalleled person for his outstanding brilliance in academics, entrepreneurial skills, and also knowledge, Dr. David K. Pillai is an individual to admire. Over the years, his professional achievements have increased by leaps and bounds. This is all due to his continuous endeavours of helping the people.   

Yes! You read that right. 

Initially, he participated in several social activities during his childhood. Indeed, this gave him an exposure to reality and also the sufferings of the rural people. Since then, Dr. David K. Pillai became determined to devote his life for the sake of people.     

Dr. Pillai and His Values on uplifting society

He strongly believes in the concept of progress by uplifting others’. According to Dr. David K. Pillai, certain values should be lived out to improve one’s life:

a) Mutual respect – Despite all the differences and discriminations, one should show respect towards the other to maintain harmony.   

b) Empathy – As human beings, individuals must share their feelings with each other. They should also accept as who they are. Dr. Pillai asks everyone to aim towards being there when in need and growing together. 

c) Honesty – While greed, envy and also such negative emotions reign increasingly, honesty should not take a back seat. The reason is simple. If you are honest with others, they will be honest with you too. 

d) Loyalty – Loyalty binds people regardless of one’s sentiments, interests, and also stance towards humanity. Dr. David K. Pillai believes that this value strengthens our bond to stand against anything that harms society. 

According to Dr. David K. Pillai, “Values are contagious. The more good values are practiced, the quicker others will follow those. Eventually, our world can become a better and also mentally healthy place to live in for our next generations.”

He further explained that we all are a part of this society. Hence, when one person remains behind, it impacts the entire community and humankind as a whole.  

When I witnessed miseries of the rural people, the importance of education became clearer to me. Another cause of their suffering is poor health. Indeed, these two factors primarily helped me to provide affordable medical education and also quality healthcare,” said the educational entrepreneur.  

Philanthropic Endeavours of Dr. David K. Pillai 

1. Free education 

Today, Dr. David K. Pillai is synonymous with hope and courage for thousands of families. He has facilitated free basic education for several children who grew up in rural areas of India. Many medical aspirants are currently pursuing MBBS abroad at extremely affordable expenses or zero costs. 

2. Medical camps at no cost


Apart from education, the educationist also conducts medical camps to provide free health check-ups. These CSR activities help financially weaker people. Interestingly, these camps are also attended by students of KIMA. Dr. David K. Pillai encourages them to do so as social activities. This also helps medicos become more effective at treating patients. The reason being, these community immersion opportunities expose these aspiring physicians to the realities of the people. Hence, they’ll be able to learn how to connect emotionally. This also helps the aspirants understand their patients emphatically in the future.

3. Reduction of internship fees    

FMGs have to complete an internship programme before they can start practicing in India. Looking into the troubles of foreign medical graduates, Dr. Pillai appealed to the minister of Tamil Nadu, Ma. Subramanian.  He received a whopping amount of Rs. 3,54,000 reduced to only Rs. 29,400. Needless to mention, an outpouring of thanks he received from the FMG who expressed their gratitude in various “Dr. David K. Pillai” reviews. 

For his many initiatives, the esteemed educator has been rewarded with prestigious awards worldwide. The leader says, “There’s hardly any word to express the satisfaction and also happiness one experiences after helping others.” 

Why Should Medical Students Inculcate the Values that Benefit the Society?

Dr. Pillai says that medical students must inculcate good values. They must also be responsible towards the wellbeing of the people. Their engagement in social activities can, indeed, bring them several benefits: 

  • Create a strong, positive impact on them and also towards others 
  • Build an essential skillset such as communication, time management, interpersonal abilities, empathy, and collaboration. 
  • Learn to make decisions, especially during a crisis 
  • Enhance personal growth and also develop emotional intelligence
  • Be deeply connected to the people of the community 
  • Get to build a network with other professionals in the medical field

Dr. David K. Pillai believes that the enhancement of a student’s aptitude and capability largely depends on his or her ability to adapt to various situations. Success doesn’t come overnight. Every move towards the goal demands willpower, sacrifice, and perseverance.  

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