Dr. David K Pillai An Entrepreneur with Contributions in Health and Medical Education

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Dr. David K Pillai An Entrepreneur with Contributions in Medical Education

“In business, going beyond the interests of the organization to serve the community is what brings real success and satisfaction”, says the successful entrepreneur of multiple ventures, Dr. David K Pillai. He is a marvel and pioneer in the medical fraternity today. The man has walked extra miles to establish his business. He is aiming to enhance the quality of education and life at the same time. Here’s the story of Dr. David K Pillai who became an entrepreneur to predominantly serve the community.

Dr. Pillai and His Scholastic Achievements

Since when he started schooling, Dr. David K Pillai has been a studious child who completely focused on studies. He was the highest scorer in class many times. He completed his schooling at James Memorial Matric Higher Secondary School. Then he went to ED Thomas Memorial Higher Secondary School for his higher secondary schooling.

In 1991, the scholar graduated with a bachelor’s degree in business administration from Spicer Memorial College. After completing his MBA, Dr. David K Pillai received his Ph.D. degree successfully following his extensive research work.

A True Inspiration to Thousands

We rarely get to see an individual who dedicates his entire life to the betterment of others. Dr. David K Pillai is certainly one such being. Since his early days, he participated in several social works. Consequently, he interacted with rural India. Indeed he got the opportunity to understand their problems closely. He was aware of their miserable conditions. In fact, this prompted him to do something which can eradicate their burning issues to a great extent.

According to the entrepreneur, “I had this realization at a very young age that many children from villages couldn’t pursue education for their poverty. Eventually, they failed to land a respectable job which could bring them handsome money. That’s when I made it in my mind to do something for them.”

Also, they are deprived of proper healthcare facilities for which many people are diseased or ill. Dr. David K Pillai identified two key grounds to improve the living conditions and careers of the children:

1.      Good healthcare facilities

2.      Quality medical education at an affordable cost

Dr. David K Pillai founded many educational institutions. As a result, those institutes now offer the best facility and high-quality education at lucrative costs. He is also a board member of medical organizations where he supervised the launch of healthcare centers.

Some of his renowned ventures and his positions

·         Kings International Medical Academy – Chairman and Founder

·         Transworld Educare Pvt. Ltd. – President

·         St. Andrews Education Foundation – Chairman

·         N M Wadia Hospital – Chairman & CEO

·         Poona Christian Medical Association – Board Member

He, after extensive conversation with the honorable Health and Family Welfare Minister of Tamil Nadu, Ma. Subramanian. They lowered the internship fee of medical colleges in the state. Consequently, the amount was brought down to Rs. Rs.29,400 from Rs. 3,54,000.

That’s not all!

Dr. David K Pillai provides affordable medical education to ambitious students. He achieved this through his institutes like KIMA. Indeed the educationist has been a pioneer in transforming the scenario of medical education. Besides this, he enabled MBBS study in the Philippines at a low cost. KIMA is the sole associate of the leading institute, Davao in the Philippines. Henceforth together, they help thousands of students. They fulfill those students’ dream of studying abroad effortlessly.

He even facilitates free education to children from financially weaker families. Owing to these contributions and countless more, he has become a highly respectable person. Unquestionably he is a true inspiration in the lives of many.

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