Check out the FAQs on Filling out the NEET OMR Sheet

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Check out the FAQs on Filling out the NEET OMR Sheet

NEET is a national-level entrance examination for aspiring medical students who are willing to study medicine in India. It is believed to be one of the toughest undergraduate entrance exams in India. Truth to be told, the competition for NEET is increasing year after year. Every year around 16 lakh students are taking up NEET to grab a medical college seat.

As per the latest NEET exam pattern, NTA announced that NEET 2022 will be held in pen-paper format. The aspirants will be provided with a question booklet and an OMR sheet to fill in the answers. Making a small mistake in filling the OMR sheet will cost them a few thousand ranks.

Most of the students are new to the OMR sheet filling format. This is because until 12th grade they were writing their exam in descriptive format. It is common for them to have a fear of filling the OMR sheet. This is why Kings International Medical Academy is here to provide complete assistance by answering the frequently asked questions when filling out the OMR sheet for NEET.

Well, Kings international Medical Academy is the No. one Residential Coaching Institute in India with proficiency in mentoring the students for NEET and FMGE. With its unparalleled results, KIMA has become the top institute for medical coaching under the adept leadership of its chairman, Dr. David K Pillai. KIMA specializes in providing a student-centric approach using top-notch teaching methodology. 100+ e-learning modules with Hands-on practice of more than 35,000 questions will empower the aspirants with an in-depth understanding of all indispensable topics from various subjects to help them stay forth of the curve.

Don’t underestimate the difficulty of filling out the NEET OMR sheet. This attitude will lead to careless mistakes. Practice filling the OMR sheet at home, by following a disciplined schedule. Try to get sample OMR sheets photocopied and practice on them. After each subject or topic, try to find the easiest way to fill in the blanks and replicate that method in the actual exam.

Frequently Asked Questions about NEET OMR Sheet Filling

  1. What is the OMR sheet?

OMR stands for Optical Mark Recognition. As the name suggests, the answers in the OMR sheet will be scanned by the lights in the OMR scanner. While scanning, the OMR scanner will detect black marks because they reflect less light than the blank areas on the sheet.

  1. What is the best way to fill out the OMR sheet for NEET?

Filling out the OMR sheet is an important part of the NEET exam. The best method to fill the bubbles on the OMR sheet is by using a question-based approach.  

Question-based approach

This technique is used by most aspirants. The students will start marking the answer once they find out the answer to the particular question.

The main advantage of this method is that it minimizes the risks of marking the wrong answer or being not able to mark anything at all. For some aspirants, keeping track of time adds to the pressure and anxiety level.

Here’s an approach for effective question-based answering techniques.

  • Solve 10 questions (adjust the number as needed).
  • Then mark the answers in the OMR sheet.
  • Return to the first step and start solving the questions.

Filling out the OMR sheet within the last 15 minutes of the exam is the worst approach. Some students may try to solve as many questions as possible. Then at the end of the exam, they start marking answers on the OMR sheet. This method will end up leaving the known answers. Clearly, this is NOT one of the best ways to fill OMR sheets.

  1. How to Fill in the OMR Answer Sheet?
  • Never forget to remember that the OMR sheet is used by computer software to evaluate the responses that the students have indicated on the sheets.
  • Use a black or blue ballpoint pen, not a gel pen or fountain pen.
  • Fill in the bubbles completely-don’t just mark them with tick marks or crosses.
  • To avoid scanning problems, never use whiteners to rectify filling errors. Whiteners may disrupt the scanning process.
  • Do not write on the OMR sheet anywhere other than the specified area. Even a small mark on the OMR sheet may create problems during scanning.
  • Do not fold or crumple the OMR answer sheet. Avoid making stray marks on it.
  • Ensure that the invigilator has signed the OMR sheet.
  1. Will my NEET OMR be evaluated if I filled the wrong set ID?

No, the OMR sheet will not be evaluated if the students fill it with the wrong set ID. In those cases, the OMR sheet will be rejected.

  1. What makes an OMR get disqualified in NEET?

Please read the instructions carefully before filling out an OMR sheet.

Many OMR sheets are rejected because of mistakes made by candidates. One common mistake is to do rough work on the sheet with a pen, which can result in problems when the OMR scanner or software tries to read the sheet. Candidates should fill out the details on the sheet using a pen as instructed.

  1. Is whitener allowed in the OMR sheet in the NEET exam?

No, whiteners are not allowed in OMR sheets. Do not use whiteners to rectify filling errors, as they may disrupt the scanning and evaluation process.

  1. Will an OMR sheet scan if we pierce a hole in it?

Yes, but it depends on the intensity of the hole. These mistakes commonly occur for students who tend to over mark a particular answer. The best way to select the correct answer is to draw a slow, steady line around the perimeter of the right circle. When the boundary is complete, then fill the bubble. When filling in bubbles, avoid smudges and fill the inner space quickly and with confidence.

  1. What will happen if we mark 50% of the circle in an OMR sheet?

The software will not read half-filled or overfilled bubbles. As per NTA instructions, multiple markings, cross marks, tick marks, and half-filled bubbles are incorrect ways of answering the question. 

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