Check Out FAQs on Kings as Clarified by Dr. David K Pillai

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Check Out FAQs on Kings as Clarified by Dr. David K Pillai

The journey of a medical student comprises extensive training, starting from preparation for NEET to qualifying the FMGE (if a foreign medical graduate). One of the leading institutes in India to offer the best coaching and make this phase effortless is Kings International Medical Academy. The institute provides top-class NEET and FMGE coaching in the country. 

Headed by the well-known educationist, Dr. David K Pillai, Kings International Medical Academy in association with Davao Medical School Foundation enables students to pursue MBBS in Philippines at affordable costs. They provide complete assistance in travelling to the Southeast Asian nation and studying medicine without any complication.

Like many others looking to build a career in medicine, are you also curious to know more about the medical academy and studying in Philippines? If yes, we’ve got a FAQs on Kings answered directly by the leader himself – Dr. David K Pillai. 

FAQs on Kings and MBBS in Philippines     

1. When was Kings International Medical Academy founded? What was the inspiration behind its establishment?

The institute was established back in 1999. During my research, I dug deeper into the fact and understood how numerous children are incapable of pursing education, which is their birth right. More than inspiration, there was a zeal and determination to facilitate affordable medical education to every young aspirant in the country.

I strongly believe that it’s medical education that shall make individuals knowledgeable. This knowledge will help them provide better healthcare facilities and promote a healthy society.     

2. What are the courses offered at this medical academy?

Kings International Medical Academy offers three major courses important in the medical journey – NEET coaching, FMGE coaching and MBBS in Philippines.    

3. Why do students need FMGE coaching? Is FMGE mandatory for every medical graduate? 

FMG examination or the NMC screening test is considered as the toughest exams in India after IAS. It is mandatory only for those medical graduates with a foreign MBBS degree who are willing to practice in India. Hence, if any student pursues medical studies in Philippines and wishes to work in India as a doctor, he or she has to qualify in this NMC screening test. 

Kings International Medical Academy in association with Davao Medical School Foundation holds an unbeatable record of high passing percentage in FMGE results year after year. 

4. Why is Philippines the preferred destination for medical studies and not any other western country?

Philippines offers maximum convenience in terms of finance, accommodation, food, education and other benefits.

MBBS in Philippines is influencing the Indian students

Below are a few to share:

  • 3rd largest English speaking country. Hence, no need to learn any other foreign language. 
  • No donation required for admission in the medical college 
  • High affordability in terms of education expenses and cost of living 
  • Extremely friendly natives which ensures safety 
  • The government is largely supportive of inviting foreign students 
  • Medical academy equipped with state-of-the-art infrastructure and modern technology 
  • Internationally renowned faculty members at the institutes 
  • Ideal student to patient ratio
  • Ample opportunities for hand-on practice 
  • Easy accessibility to flights between India and Philippines   

Besides these, there are several other perks that ensure students from India get an enlightening exposure.   

5. Can students avail hostel facilities at Kings International Medical Academy?

Yes. Our expansive campus offers everything that a medical student requires to make his or her academic experience pleasing. We do provide hostel facilities with both AC and non-AC rooms as per students’ preferences. Apart from these, there are conference halls, auditorium, study rooms, library, etc.  

Students can get access to ample study materials, medical journals, bibliography citations, reference books, etc. for comprehensive preparation.   

6. Preparation for NEET or FMGE is a long rigorous episode. How does the institute keep students motivated?

Well, Kings International Medical Academy understands that medical studies can prove exhausting to students after a certain point of time. To keep them motivated throughout this journey, we encourage them to engage in sports and cultural activities. Every year, the institute organises several sports events to keep them not only enthusiastic but also physically and mentally fit.  

7. If any student grabs an MBBS seat in Philippines, how will he proceed to fly? 

Flying to a foreign country involves some mandatory legal procedures, including visa application, documentation, verification, etc. Students need not worry as our expert team at Kings International Medical Academy shall provide complete assistance starting from their travel to settlement in Philippines. We’ll also guide them with the dos and don’ts, rules of the country, quick tips, etc.

Doctor is still one of the most prestigious professions in the world. However, the process of becoming one is an extensive and long process. At Kings International Medical Academy, we make sure every aspirant gets the best facilities to become a successful medical professional. 

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