Best Revision Strategy for NEET 2022

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Best Revision Strategy for NEET 2022

The National Eligibility cum Entrance Test (NEET) is a common entrance exam for admission to MBBS courses in India. It is becoming more and more difficult for aspirants to crack NEET every year owing to the increase in competition. The pressure on first-timers is further amplified as they have to juggle both board exams and NEET.

For many students, a major source of anxiety is the fear of forgetting what they have learned. But it’s important to recognize that preparing well for an exam will help them remember everything they’ve studied. If they revise effectively and make responsible choices, then it should be enough for them to get a good score on the NEET.

In this article, KIMA helps aspirants gain an edge over the other competitors by providing useful revision strategies for NEET 2022.  This increases their chances of getting into medical college by cracking NEET 2022 on their first attempt.

Effective NEET Revision Strategy

Revise according to proper routine

The first thing aspirants need to do is set up a proper revision routine. This should include the time they want to revise, the topics they want to cover, and the resources required. One should keep a proper, healthy routine in everyday life to maintain good health. Proper discipline and a well-managed daily routine are important for the same. 

Many students tend to revise for lengthy hours at the last moment just to cover up all the topics. This might lead to fatigue and eventually affect their preparations. Instead, they must create a proper routine to revise in short but regular intervals. In this way, they can cover all their topics and also there won’t be any fatigue. Most aspirants forget to take care of themselves during examination time. This is because they are so much into their studies that they forget to eat and sleep properly. This can harm their health and affect their performance in exams.

Break down the revision session into a small chain

The NEET syllabus is vast and it will be very difficult for aspirants to revise all the topics at once. So, they should break down each topic into small chunks and revise them one by one. If they get stuck on any topic then they should avoid wasting time on it. They should move ahead with other topics as well. This way they can increase their speed of learning and also save time while revising the NEET syllabus. On the other hand, revising in small batches will help the aspirants to take small breaks. These small breaks will help them to maintain their mental stability. This will keep their energy levels high and prepare them for the upcoming exam. 

Revise from handwritten notes

Best revision strategy for NEET

When it comes to writing down important points or formulas that need remembering well enough, nothing beats writing them down! The most important thing about revising from handwritten notes is that it forces aspirants to recall information from memory rather than just reading it off-screen or on paper again and again until they become familiar enough with it. By doing this, their brain starts associating that information with other related information in its database – thus making it easier for them to retrieve when needed!

Focus on NCERT books

 NCERT books are the best material to start your revision. This is because they will provide them with a firm understanding of ideas, and it’s also worth noting that 60-70 percent of the NEET questions are directly from NCERT books. Aspirants can focus on important keynotes, book back questions, a summary of each chapter, and diagrams as it is easy to understand and very beneficial also.

Avoid learning new concepts

It’s important not to overload themselves with too many new concepts at once, instead, stick to what they already know. Avoiding new concepts at the last minute revision will help them to strengthen their basics.

Take mock tests

Mock tests help aspirants gauge their performance and identify their weak areas. It also helps them to improve their time management skills and reduce stress during the actual test. Many websites provide free mock tests with explanations for every question. They can take as many mock tests as possible before the actual test to build up their confidence level.

Solve multiple-choice questions (MCQs) regularly

The NEET pattern consists of 180 multiple choice questions as it plays an important role in NEET revision. So, they must make sure to solve MCQs regularly to assess their preparation level and improve their problem-solving skills. Make sure that they’re solving questions at least after finishing a particular chapter or subject. They can also solve question papers of previous years’ NEET examinations to know what questions are asked in the exam.

Take away

When it comes to last-minute NEET revision, students should not panic and keep calm. They should believe in themselves. Remain focused on things they can do at this point instead of worrying about things that are out of their hands. It is important to believe in your hard work and efforts as long as it will give you confidence on the day of the exam. Hope the above mentioned best revision strategy for NEET will help you ace the exam with ease in the first attempt. 

About Kings International Medical Academy

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  6. Increases essential skills like time management, problem-solving, etc. 
  7. Offers multiple doubt clearing sessions to clarify all your doubts

NEET coaching is essential as students get trained by experienced mentors in a well-organized manner for the most challenging medical exam.

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