A Scholastic celebration at Kings | White Coat Ceremony ​

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A joyous celebration at Kings

For those aspiring to become doctors, the White Coat Ceremony is a rite of passage worth celebrating. For every new medical student, it holds a different meaning. Yes, it is a time to reflect on the responsibility of being a doctor—the reality of that responsibility will be felt during their White Coat Ceremony.

For the unfamiliar, 

What is White Coat Ceremony?

They’re about to be a Professional Medical Education, so why not look the part? The White Coat Ceremony is a rite of passage that every medical student must undergo before they officially begin their studies. During this ceremony, they will be given iconic white coats to signify their transition from a Medical aspirant to a professional medical student.

What started as a tradition, has become a present-day expectation. The white coat, symbolizing the ethics and values of the doctor’s profession and a student’s integrity and willingness to learn, is something that everyone looks forward to receiving on the first day of medical school.

For the common person, the white coat may not seem like a life-changing attire; however, for a medical student, wearing it for the first time amid their classmates, mentors and family assures them that they are not alone on their journey toward the completion of their degree.

Dr. David K Pillai, chairman of Kings International Medical Academy (KIMA), expressed about the white coat ceremony as “I grew up believing that doctors were gods. Not only did they devote themselves to lifelong learning and service, but they often served as the voice of reason and a comforting presence in difficult situations. But I’ve come to learn that the white coat is not a superhero cape—it’s a symbol of something much greater; their commitment to take the best care of each other and of the patients. Here at Kings International Medical Academy, we are committed to promoting a culture of wellness and mindfulness for our students, as well as for society at large. This represents everything that modern medicine should be about: caring for our community in a way that supports us all.

The White Coat Ceremony serves as a reminder that none of them are traveling alone, and I am eager to see where their lives take them. They might not be superhuman, but when they work together and have white jackets slung over their shoulders and fastened to their hearts, they can undoubtedly accomplish a lot of good.”

Kings International Medical Academy (KIMA) being Davao Medical School Foundation’s Indian arm offers top-quality education to aspiring medical students. The institute empowers them with the right set of tools for their proper skill development.

Kings White Coat Ceremony

From buying a lab coat to owning a coat with their name it symbolizes their dreams, hope, and struggle. 

White coat ceremony

The White coat ceremony for the Kings 2021 batch will be presided over by Dr. David K Pillai, Founder, and Chairman of Kings International Medical Academy in the presence of Kadwin K Pillai, CEO of Kings International Medical Academy. 

Guest of Honour over the ceremony will be Prof. Dr. M. CHANDRASEKAR M.D., D.A., Ph.D., former Dean of Meenakshi medical college. 

Kings White Coat Ceremony will be held on 11/11/2022 at 2.00 PM in the institute campus. A white coat will be draped on each student’s shoulders during the ceremony to symbolize their entry into medical professional education.

Student’s new status is confirmed by the respectful welcome, which also emphasizes how crucial it is to dedicate themselves to greatness in medicine’s human and humanitarian as well as technical fields. Indeed, this is a very good opportunity to introduce students to empathy and have them use it frequently. 

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