6 Measures KIMA Takes for Its Students’ Success

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6 Measures KIMA Takes for Its Students’ Success

OUR CULTURE says that success comes from the ideal combination of hard work and talent. The added bonus here is top-notch support and also guidance from respective educational institutions. Medical students envision their future as proficient doctors.  But they require this much-needed assistance from their initial days onwards. Kings International Medical Academy is one such institute that walks an extra mile to ensure its students’ success. Here are 6 measures KIMA takes to ensure its students’ success. 

It is India’s premier residential coaching institute provides affordable NEET and FMGE training programs to aspirants. Now, here comes the question – how does the institute maintain such a success rate for its students?

Well, according to the chairman, Dr. David K Pillai, “We undertake several measures to ensure quality performance of our students. We concentrate both on competitive exams and their medical career.”       

Hence, Below are the 6 measures taken by KIMA for its students success. 

1. Access to countless resources    

Having a huge library with a massive collection of books, KIMA provides students with access to innumerable resources. This library also has medical study materials. Whatever books are required for MBBS study, and NEET and FMGE preparations, are all available there. This implies that there’s no need for the students to hunt for reference books anywhere else. Not only study materials but also question papers of previous years’ tests and sample papers, are also available. This study material helps students practice before the competitive exams.        

2. Residential facilities 

Living on campus has its own set of benefits, as shared by the chairman of KIMA, Dr. David K Pillai.

  • Increases a student’s involvement with the institution
  • Provides access to multiple academic resources
  • Allows you to accomplish more of the credit hour plays instrumental in securing higher grades
  • Gives access to labs and also a library at any time
  • Enables students to stay together and also engage in brainstorming study sessions
  • Allows students to engage in sports, etc.  

The sprawling residential campus at KIMA offers the perfect ambiance with all the necessary amenities. Indeed, this helps medical students to groom themselves for their rewarding careers ahead.  

3. Regular mock tests

According to Dr. David K Pillai, “Consistent practicing makes your work more swift, skillful and natural.” This implies aptly for aspirants preparing for the upcoming NEET or FMGE. It is a must to solve practice papers and previous years’ question papers. On the other hand, KIMA’s mock tests are known for their complex level. All these make an aspirant exam ready.

KIMA conducts regular mock tests to evaluate a student’s preparation status. It also aims to strengthen weak areas, accordingly. The mock tests likewise provide a clear perspective of the type of questions expected in the NEET or FMGE exams.

Most importantly, the institute focuses on improving the students’ time management skills.         

4. Lessons from experienced faculty

At KIMA, coaching classes are conducted by globally acclaimed faculty as well as alumni. They provide much-needed exposure to a wealth of knowledge. They also provide professional experiences to students. This helps them understand concepts from case studies better.

One of the major benefits of learning from medical professionals is that they train students with specific skills required in the job. Additionally, they share the intricacies of the medical industry.  They will also share the latest trends, potential challenges, as well as opportunities. It not only provides the medicos with additional industry knowledge. But it also narrows down their focus on targeted careers.

5. Strategic and Comprehensive Syllabus Completion

The elaborative syllabuses contain comprehensive course structures. The syllabus framed by KIMA’s faculties has equal weightage on every subject. The study load is designed constructively so that all the lessons are covered. Completing the syllabus on time will allow the students to find ample time for revisions.

6. Thorough evaluations for performance analysis

Students at KIMA undergo analysis by professors to evaluate their academic performance. They even examine the preparedness for competitive medical exams. It is also essential to identify each student’s strengths and weaknesses. The institute, in addition, uses performance analysis. This is to enhance the learning processes in the future.   

In addition, the captain of the ship, Dr. David K Pillai conducts motivational sessions for NEET and FMGE. This helps the aspirants who often lack enthusiasm during the long, rigorous training. Overall, the institute, under the guidance of its highly competent leader, provides an all-inclusive environment. This is to nurture the students’ skills, knowledge, and also aptitude.

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